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Accordion Book for Comparing Cultures – Grade Four - page 7 / 10





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Accordion Book for Comparing Cultures – Grade Four

Indicator 1: Identify and describe artwork from various cultural/ethnic groups that settled in Ohio over time.

Benchmark B: Identify art forms, visual ideas and artistic styles and describe how they are influenced by time and culture.

Indicator 2: Compare and contrast art forms from different cultures and their own cultures.

Analyzing and Responding

Benchmark B: Apply comprehension strategies (e.g., personal experience, art knowledge, emotion and perceptual and reasoning skills) to respond to a range of visual artworks.

Indicator 2: Explain the function and purpose of selected art objects (e.g., utilitarian, decorative, societal and personal).

Indicator 3: Describe how artists use symbols and imagery to convey meaning in culturally representative works.

Valuing the Arts/Aesthetic Reflection

Benchmark A: Apply basic reasoning skills to understand why works of art are made and valued.

Indicator 1: Explain how works of art can reflect the beliefs, attitudes and traditions of the artist.

Connections, Relationships and Applications

Benchmark B: Use the visual arts as a means to understand concepts and topics studied in disciplines outside the arts.

Indicator 3: Describe the artwork of one cultural /ethnic group that settled in Ohio over time (e.g., Paleo Indians, European immigrants, Appalachian, Amish, African or Asian groups). C

Homework Options and Homework Connections:

Have the students identify items in their homes that are actual products of the group being studied or have connections to the products being studied.

Have the students spend an evening substituting another culture’s practices for their own and documenting their experiences in journal entries (i.e., spend a few hours at home not using electricity or a telephone).

Materials and Resources:

The inclusion of a specific resource in any lesson formulated by the Ohio Department of Education should not be interpreted as an endorsement of that particular resource, or any of its contents, by the Ohio Department of Education. The Ohio Department of Education does not endorse any particular resource. The Web addresses listed are for a given site’s main page, therefore, it may be necessary to search within that site to find the specific information required for a given lesson. Please note that information published on the Internet changes over time, therefore the links provided may no longer contain the specific information related to a given lesson. Teachers are advised to preview all sites before using them with students.

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