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olleson: A brief history…

Due to the ill health of their eldest son, the Tolleson family migrated to Arizona from South Carolina in 1908. In 1910 they purchased a 160-acre ranch at the intersection of 91st Avenue and Van Buren Street for $16,000. e old “Ten Mile Store” on the southwest corner, the first stagecoach stop en route to Yuma in earlier days, was re-opened by Mr. Tolleson.

Mr. Tolleson chartered a train from the Arizona Eastern Railway on the Buckeye Short Line, provided free transportation, free lunches for prospective buyers, and gave away five dollar gold pieces to those holding lucky numbers. An auctioneer conducting lot sales sold 80 lots at an average price of $50 per lot that day. Later that year a general merchandise store, which included the first post office, was completed at Monroe Street and 91st Drive. A rural route was established by Leon Tolleson, the first postmaster.

  • e town’s first church, the Christian

Church, was established in 1914, holding services in the store. To institute schools, soon after the founding of the town, Mr. Tolleson contributed five additional acres each to the elementary and high schools after their purchase of five acres.

During the 1930’s Tolleson, like other communities across the nation, struggled wearily through the Great Depression. Beginning with the 40’s, however, agriculture in the area began a dramatic recovery and was an economic boom to the city. By the 1950’s, Tolleson had become known as the “Vegetable Center of the World.” (Excerpts from City of

olleson 75th anniversary book)

A Short History of Estrella Rotary Club

Estab ished 1967

  • e idea of forming a Rotary Club on the west side of Phoenix began with a meeting

between District Governor Don Smith of District 549 and Cecil H. Miller of the Maryvale Rotary Club. Cecil was a Special Representative of the District Governor as well as President of the Maryvale Club.

Cecil was directed to locate men who had been past Rotarians or would be good prospective members. He met first with Harold Porter and Bill Tainter. Following meetings included Mel Compton and Jerry Human, also past Rotarians. Each man was assigned to contact qualified men and ask them to participate in a dinner to better understand the functions of Rotary.

March 7, 1967, around twenty guests and five active members met at the Sundowner Motel in Goodyear. Cecil presided at this meeting and with the help of Rotarians from Sun City, explained the functions and expectations of Rotary International. Art Mathis, Bill Craig and Past District Governor Jim Rooney agreed with Cecil to meet the following week at a luncheon to further discuss the achievements of Rotary to the new members. It was also agreed to make this a Tuesday noon meeting lasting approximately two hours. e Sundowner Motel agreed to reserve every Tuesday for the luncheon meetings.

In May, Cecil asked Harold Porter, Bill Tainter, Jerry Human and Bob McMillan to serve on a committee to elect officers. ey met at the home of Jerry Human and names were submitted for new officers. ey agreed to nominate Jerry Human as President, Bob McMillan as Vice President, Harold Porter as Secretary and Clint Davis as Treasurer. Mel Compton, Jim King and Bill Tainter were chosen to serve as Directors

  • e slate was presented and approved at the following meeting, unofficially forming the

Estrella Rotary Club.

Bylaws, rules, and regulations were set up by the officers and directors. It was a unanimous vote to name the tri-city club the Estrella Rotary Club. Territorial limits of the club were: Northern Avenue to the north, Agua Fria River to the east, south to Highway 80 and west to Perryville Road.

We were informed that each new member would be inducted into Rotary International on June 17, 1967. is charter night would also involve two other clubs; South Mountain and Tempe East Rotary Club, making this the second time in 62 years of Rotary that three clubs were chartered within one district at one time.

Arizona Governor, Jack Williams, welcomed the new clubs at the underbird Room of the Hotel Westward Ho, Phoenix, AZ. D.D. Monroe, Past President of Rotary International, gave the Rotary Address. e Estrella Rotary Club charter was introduced by Cecil Miller and accepted by President Jerry Human.

New members inducted on this charter night were:

Jerry Human, 1967 first president of Estrella Rotary Club

Don Ansel, Malcolm Bartlett, Robert Charnetsky, M.D., Mel Compton, Clint Davis, Warren Hart, Jerry Human, J.B. Jefferies, Jim King, Ray Kloesen, Charles Lakin, Richard Logan, Jim Martin, O.D., Robert McMillan, D.D.S., Harold Porter, Wally Presnuyk, Don Rielender, Roy Don Rhodes, Al Schonberg, Howard Sterns, Bill Tainter, Bill Walker.

Source: Condensed excerpts from Estrella Rotary History, 1981


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