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Kurt R. Sjoberg April 30, 1998 Page 2

We concur. OAPP has recently completed a reconciliation of the personnel component of the various grant budgets and the staffing roster. Only positions filled and funded by the grant will be charged. This reconciliation provides OAPP with a better mechanism to control the reporting of salary expenditures. We will charge employees to the appropriate grant and will no longer allow shifts between funding sources without verification that their duties have changed to fulfill grant objectives.

  • Develop a detailed time-reporting system of OAPP employees to properly report their

time spent on various programs.

We concur. OAPP will develop and implement a time reporting system to properly distribute labor cost to the various grant and administrative programs.

  • Consider a time study of OAPP employees to determine what percentage of time each employee spends on different programs. The OAPP could then develop a cost-allocation plan and submit it to the federal government for approval. Further, to assist in implementing this approved plan, the OAPP should consider using the cost-allocation and grant systems already available through the county’s automated reporting system.

We concur. OAPP will evaluate a cost reporting/allocation system for employee’s time spent on various programs. OAPP will review and evaluate the cost reporting system that currently exists in the Los Angeles County accounting and purchasing system. Additionally, OAPP will review a system currently under development by DHS that utilizes direct interfaces with existing financial systems for financial reporting.

  • Periodically review the personnel commitments in its grants to ensure that it is

appropriately honoring its commitments.

We concur. As mentioned above, a detailed reconciliation of the staffing roster will ensure only positions approved by the granting agency are charged to the grant.

Response to recommendations as listed in Chapter 2-Contract Monitoring

  • Evaluate staff duties to identify activities not related to Contract Monitoring. Restructure the workload so some staff manage contracts and the remainder conduct program reviews.

We concur. OAPP continues ongoing evaluations of staff responsibilities to identify activities not related to contract program monitoring. The following activities identified in the Contract Monitoring Plan, approved August 28, 1996, have been implemented:


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