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Kurt R. Sjoberg April 30, 1998 Page 3

In October 1977 the invoice review process was streamlined by reinforcing the need for Contract Managers to conduct a cursory review of invoices, with Finance performing a more detailed review.

With the April 1998 appointment of a new Management Information Systems (MIS) Section Chief, the implementation of the new database is now a priority. The new database will reduce the time required for Contract Managers who gather data manually in response to Board of Supervisors, Department, and Community requests.

The OAPP Contracts and Grants (C&G) supervisory staff are finalizing a restructuring plan to enable OAPP to monitor 70% of the contracts, on an annual basis, which meets the Department’s standard. The current OAPP policy is to perform a program review biannually. This policy will be revised. The restructuring plan will be implemented July 1, 1998.

  • Ensure that staff are properly trained to monitor contracts.

We concur. OAPP is developing a training plan and schedule to train all staff who have contract monitoring responsibilities. In the interim, the OAPP Contracts and Grants supervisory staff will be responsible for the ongoing training of staff to perform program reviews. In May 1998, a C&G general staff meeting will be held to review proper use of the newly revised OAPP Administrative Review instruments. By July 1, 1998, the OAPP Contract Monitoring Policies and Procedures will be updated.

  • Improve efforts to fill key management and monitor positions.

We concur. OAPP C&G supervisors have reviewed, evaluated, and offered positions to candidates to fill vacant Contract Program Auditor (CPA) positions. Filling these positions with qualified individuals is difficult due to the inherent obstacles presented by the County’s human resources system. OAPP C&G has filled two vacancies at the contract manager supervisory level. The remaining vacancy at that level has not been filled, pending approval of the restructuring plan.

  • Adhere to its plan to give high-risk contracts the greatest priority for review. Further,

identify regular monitoring as an office priority.

We concur. OAPP has identified program reviews as a priority. OAPP C&G, consistent with departmental priority standards, will develop a monitoring schedule of contracts with priority given to those contracts with the highest dollar amounts funded, potential risk, and/or complaints.


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