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3.1.4 Finishing

At least two coats of an exterior grade quality oil-based penetrating stain must be used over the front face of the Hermpac Bevelback and Rebated Bevelback weatherboards to protect the weatherboards and give the desired finish colour to the exterior walls. The stain must be recommended for use as a wall cladding stain by the manufacturer and must be brush or Machinecoat NZ Ltd applied. Herman Pacific Limited recommends the use of oil based stains manufactured by WoodX, Resene, Dulux and Dryden’s.

Follow the stain manufacturers instructions at all times for application of the stain finish.

Refer to Section 4.0 for maintenance requirements.

4.0 Maintenance

Building owners are responsible for the maintenance of the Hermpac Bevelback and Rebated Bevelback Weatherboard Cavity System. Annual inspections must be made to ensure that all aspects of the cladding system, including flashings remain in a weatherproof condition. Any damaged areas or areas showing signs of deterioration which would allow water ingress, must be repaired immediately. Sealant, stain coatings, flashings or the weatherboards must be repaired in accordance with the relevant manufacturers instructions.

Regular cleaning (at least annually) of the stain finish with water and a mild detergent is recommended to remove grime, dirt and organic growth, to maximise the life and appearance of the cladding.

Recoating of the stain finish will be necessary throughout the life of the cladding system. Re-staining must be carried out every 2-3 years in accordance with the stain manufacturers instructions. Re-staining will be required more frequently on exposed northern and western facing walls. When re-staining, care must be taken to ensure bottom edges and ship lap edges are well covered and penetrated with the stain.

5.0 Health & Safety

Cutting of Hermpac Bevelback and Rebated Bevelback weatherboards must be carried out in well ventilated areas and dust masks, eye and hearing protection must be worn.

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Published: September 2009


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