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Tips for Successful Videoconferencing You want everything to be perfect for your videoconference. You’ve planned the meeting carefully, down to the last detail, and have chosen Global Crossing to ensure a reliable connection. To help you maximize the value and effectiveness of your videoconferences, we’ve provided a list of tips for successful videoconferencing based on our extensive experience.

Gather Technical Information in Advance

  • Video numbers for all rooms/facilities to be involved in the meeting.

  • Equipment type.

  • How to mute and unmute your microphone.

  • How to dial out from your location.

Provide Meeting Details to All Participants

  • Location to be used (including specific rooms).

  • Date, time, duration.

  • Global Crossing videoconferencing meeting number.

  • Encourage participants to arrive early, during the setup time.

Design a Video-Friendly Room

  • Keep the room setup simple.

  • Select a low-traffic area or conference room.

  • Choose a room with muted or neutral colors-such as blue or gray-for walls. White walls cause glare.

  • Remember, people are the focal point. Remove distracting objects from the camera’s view.

  • Arrange the furniture so that each individual faces the camera.

  • Cover any windows with drapes or blinds. Use overhead lights to eliminate harsh shadows.

  • Consider printing the site name on a wall within the camera’s view. It will be easier for participants to identify whom they are talking to.

  • Take a look at the room from the camera’s perspective; step back and see the room the way the camera relays it back to other participants.

  • Make note of what makes your participants stand out against the room.

  • Refrain from placing your cell phone or pda near the microphone.

Dress for Success

  • Wear solid colors. Patterns appear to vibrate on camera and are distracting. Blue and gray are best.

  • Avoid red and white. Red appears to bleed and white causes glare. Wear a jacket if you are wearing a solid white shirt.

Do Your Homework

  • Preparation is essential for the success of any meeting, especially when multiple

locations or large groups of people are involved.

  • Have your materials ready before the meeting.

  • Rehearse your presentation several times to practice timing and transitions.

  • Prepare an agenda and distribute it to all participants prior to the meeting.

  • Let everyone know the meeting objectives and assign topics to an individual or group.

  • Suggest a time limit for speaking.

Please call 800-395-4396 in the U.S., 0800-496-5678 in the U.K. or 800-575-3999 in Canada and follow the prompts if you need assistance with your videoconference.

Global Crossing Videoconferencing User Guide - 2010


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