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Setting Up Your Videoconferencing Services

Setting up your videoconference is easy. To register your sites, call us at 800-395-4396 in the U.S., 0800-496-5678 in the U.K. or 800-575-3999 in Canada with your company and site information.

Please be prepared to provide the following information:

Technical Point of Contact Information

  • Company name

  • Name

  • Billing address

  • Phone number

  • Fax number

  • E-mail address

Video Room Information

  • Room name

  • City and state

  • Video numbers

  • Room phone number

  • Network capabilities

  • Network provider

  • System make, model and capabilities

Site Testing and Verification You can rely on Global Crossing for a quality connection in every videoconference. To ensure your satisfaction, we work with you to test each of your sites to identify potential problems with equipment, connections, etc., ahead of time. We don’t want there to be any surprises at meeting time, so we look for problems before they appear. The site-testing group is glad to receive your inquiry to either schedule a site test at your convenience or conduct the test at the time of your call.

If an untested site is scheduled in an upcoming conference, a Global Crossing operator will attempt to troubleshoot any connectivity issues during the setup period of your videoconference.

Site testing without the involvement of a videoconference operator is available to our customers by dialing into our ―loop back number.‖ With this service, customers have the ability to self-test by dialing 303-633-6140 to test a 384k connection. Once connected, the bridge will transmit back the image and sound projected. Please retry the connection if you receive a busy signal.

Please call 800-395-4396 in the U.S., 0800-496-5678 in the U.K. or 800-575-3999 in Canada and follow the prompts if you need assistance with your videoconference.

Global Crossing Videoconferencing User Guide - 2010


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