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To improve the quality of your videoconferencing experience, Global Crossing provides two levels of technical assistance: Self-Help and Professional Troubleshooting.

Self-Help Technical Remedies You or another video specialist at your site can easily correct many technical troubles. The more familiar you are with these common videoconferencing problems, the more likely you can fix them yourself without delaying your conference.

Connection Problems

  • Verify the video numbers listed on your meeting confirmation form; make sure you have entered the numbers correctly.

  • Verify the dialing prefix for the scheduled data rate (303-XXX-5555); different data rates are managed by dialing into different prefix numbers. For example, #006-303-XXX-5555 could be a prefix for a 384K call from an Ascend IMUX.

  • Check the cable connections to the codec; loose contacts can cause low-quality connections or prevent a connection completely.

  • Verify that all monitors are turned on; you may already be connected but can’t see the picture.

  • Verify that all monitors are set for ―video‖ and not ―TV‖; look in your video monitor owner’s manual if you are not sure how to set this option.

  • If all these conditions are correct and you still cannot connect successfully, try rebooting and redialing; often a connection error can clear itself.

Audio Problems

  • Verify that all microphones are turned on; you may have a video connection but be unable to speak to other sites.

  • Verify that the microphone in question is not muted; the mute feature is helpful in eliminating distracting audio sources, but it must be turned off before a muted site can be heard.

  • Verify that the volume is turned up on the keypad and monitor; you may have a clear audio connection already, but simply have the volume too low to hear.

  • Verify that the microphone is not too close to the monitor; interference from the monitor can prevent audio from transmitting clearly.

  • Check the microphone cable connections; a loose connection can cause audio interruption.

  • Verify that the microphone switch on the back of the external microphones is in the correct setting.

Professional Troubleshooting If you are unsuccessful when connecting via video, Global Crossing will provide on the spot troubleshooting in order to investigate the issue. Our operators monitor all active videoconferences to ensure all sites are connected and functioning properly. This allows us to spot potential issues before they occur and implement swift remedies. Also, if you are not in a live conference and are experiencing issues with your equipment, Global Crossing will also support ad-hoc troubleshooting.

Global Crossing Videoconferencing User Guide - 2010


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