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Proceedings of the 7th Australian Information Security Management Conference

details. The large capacity allows more transaction details to be authenticated, and these can be changed rapidly, in response to adaptation in criminal behaviour (Cronto, 2008).

Privacy Configurations The use of multi-protection approaches to guard online banking customers and Internet users is a more appropriate way to ensure security. It makes the customer’s computer system more robust. The following tips are the privacy settings which can prevent customers from man-in-the-browser attacks, based on the author interest as a researcher and as an experienced online banking user who has had to deal with a range of phishing attacks.

  • Install the anti-virus and the spyware, including the firewall applications on the computer and keep them up to


Install the anti-browser toolbars that have ability to analyse the URLs, imagery on a site, text and various heuristics to ensure a safety of a website (Akwukwuma & Egwali, 2008).

Back up all data before recover the system or modify any registry key.

Disable or uninstall the suspicious add-ons features that may have been loaded or currently loaded by the IE, or run without requiring permission which including ActiveX Controls (see Figure 4).

If using Firefox, check Windows registry extension for any suspicious browser extension from the following directories:

  • If some names such as {08B0OSU-SGUOD-GU…} appear in the left column of Windows registry, then right

click on each of them and click delete. It will remove the extensions from the browser.

  • o


    • o


If using IE, the directory is:

  • o



  • Uncheck all boxes that enable logging of browsing history and user entered strings to protect a hard disk

recording, storing, and injecting.

  • Remove cookies when exiting from the site and do not accept cookies at all.

  • Always clear the private data when closing the browser (see Figure 5, if using Firefox).

  • Uncheck remember passwords for sites.

Figure 4 - Disable add-ons function in Internet Explorer

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