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SN Servicing Corporation

Competitive Marketing Analysis

Purpose: This report is not an appraisal or a home inspection.  Rather, it is designed to enable the real estate broker to conduct a diligent analysis of the subject property’s condition, competition, and future marketability.  Based on this Analysis, the broker is to estimate the subject property’s:

Most Likely Sales Price “As Is” and Most Likely sales Price “With Repairs & Improvements,” and

Most Likely Net Price “As Is” and Most Likely Net Price “With Repairs & Improvements.”

assuming a reasonable marketing time, not to exceed 120 days. (Refer to definitions on page 3 of the form. )

Inspection Date:

File No.:Homeowner(s):

Property Address:Home Phone:  

City, State, Zip:Work Phone:  

CMA Requested by (Co. & Contact):SN Servicing, E-mail:  aoe@snsc.com

Requesting Co. Address:  323 Fifth Street Phone:  (800) 603-0836, ext.

City, State, Zip:  Eureka, CA 95502 Fax #:  (916) 231-

Real Estate Firm & Contact:E-mail:

Real Estate Firm Address:Phone No.:

City, State, Zip:Fax No.:

Agent Preparer (if other than contact):  Phone No.:

Form of Ownership:  Fee SimpleLeasehold           Type: Condo   Coop     PUD   Single Family   Other

Occupant:  HomeownerTenant            Vacant

Indicate any personal property that remains (e.g. refrigerator, range, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, etc.)

Is the subject currently listed?YesNoListing Company/Agent

Describe the most probable means of financing and terms for the subject:

Are points customarily paid by the seller on the most probable financing?Yes  No  If yes, how long?

Comment on any other financing concessions that are necessary to enhance the sale of the subject:

Do you anticipate any issues that would affect the ability to secure financing for the subject property? (e.g., condition, zoning, environmental, HOA, etc.)Yes     No    If yes, comment:

Note:  The above financing information should be carried over to the Marketing Strategy and Value Analysis sections on page 3 of this form.

What repairs & improvements (R&I) are necessary to secure or obtain financing as indicated in the Financing section above and/or are recommended to enhance the subject’s marketability. (Recommended items should increase the subject’s value and/or lower the marketing time.) Indicate specific items and their estimated costs to cure.

Interior Items

R&I Estimates

Exterior Items

R&I Estimates















                            Total Interior:


                              Total Exterior:


Total R&I    $

(Add the Total Interior $ and Total Exterior $)

Estimate the contributory value (if any) of the TOTAL R & I to the Most Likely Sales Price . . . . . . .. . $  

Note: The above recommended R&I items and costs should be carried over to the MARKETING STRATEGY and VALUE ANALYSIS sections on page 3 of this form.

List all required and customary inspections (e.g., municipal, certificate of occupancy, environmental, etc.)



Are there any visible/known problem areas that would warrant additional inspections (e.g., structural, etc.)?  

List required disclosures if any:  

Subject’s location type:Urban          Suburban            Distant suburban          Rural            Farm       Resort

Market Area Price Range:  $  to  $  Property Values Are:      Increasing     Stable    Declining

Marketing Time (list to contact):Up to 120 days121- 180 daysOver 180 days

Number of closed comparable sales in market area in the last six months:

Number of competing listing in subject price range:

Availability of competing listings:ShortageIn balanceOversupply

Type of competing listings: (est. total should =100%): %New Homes %Resale % REO/Foreclosure  % Corporate         

Describe any marketing concession/incentives being offered on competing properties that may adversely affect the subject’s value:  

Recommend any marketing concessions/incentives that should be offered for the subject:  

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