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Francis Okeyo Magaga: Second, …(Murmur in the background)

Secondly, Members of Parliament, the LEGCO should have a minimum of education level of form four and above. Let me speak up….

Mar adek, Councillors should have minimum education level of form four,

Com. Pastor Ayonga: We had said that.

Francis Okeyo Magaga: No, whether I have said it I am speaking up just give me time, I was not there.

Fourth, the Prime Minister should be voted in by Members of Parliament to elect a capable Prime Minister, not a dock and hood Prime Minister.

Fifth, hospitals: Citizens are suffering because we don’t have the money. Hosiptal wan wajotuo waonge pesa ma wanyalu chulo. Wakwayo obedi free treatment without cost sharing. Ochul osiptal ka ituo to idhi osiptal kik ichul pesa nimar tho masani obedo nikech ji ng’eny matho ni onge ang’o, onge pesa.

Sixth, university and secondary schools. Jo university gi secondary schools wakwayo government, Parliament mondo okadh skul fee ma inyolo chulo e secondary kata e university nikuop waneno nyithindo mariek yae e poor families, kuma ji odhierie. Joma ofuwo yaa kuma osome, kaka Ministers joma ginyuolo joma ofuwo. Koro wakuayo the government mondo okony joma odhier manie university kata secondary schools mondo gichulnegi school fees au gichul half fee, gin bende gichul half fee.

Com. Pastor Ayonga: Mogi;.

Francis Magaga: Mogik, the last one. The currency note should not circulate from the Prime Minister or President to the other because this is wasteful of currency. We should have at least Mt. Kenya au Lake Victoria, oromo okope gi Mt Kenya kata Laka Victoria mondo ogeye kar goyo picha mar President kata Prime Minister. To mabiro sani akuayo wananch kata the present Councillor mondo wich mar currency ogoye mar Prime Minister, a capable Prime Minister not a weak and hock President. Thank you.

Dominick Omondi: An mawuoyo an Dominik Omondi Akumu. An an gi wach machalo kama, wan kod Ministries ariyo ma waneno ka sirikal ok okawo nwa. Mokuongo en Ministry mar Education, education ka waneno mana ka sirikal


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