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5.1 Extra game types

Even though the main goal of this project was to test out the GOAP system against the FSM system in a Domination game, other game modes used in UT2005 were developed near the end of the project. Before testing begun, three extra game modes were coded up as an exercise in determining how difficult it would be to extend both of the AI systems and also to obtain more data for the experiments. The first game mode, called Deathmatch, simply pitches every agent against one another and there are no teams or squads involved. The amount of changes required for the GOAP and FSM systems to function in this game mode were negligible. The FSM needed a few extra if statements inserted to check for a specific game mode for certain state transitions. The GOAP system simply required a new XML file that disabled certain goals and actions that related to the Domination game.

The Last Man Standing game mode pitches every agent against one another. However once an agent is killed it doesn’t get re-started until a new round is triggered. The last agent alive in the game is the winner of the round and then a new round is started. Again the implementation of this involved creating an extra XML file for the GOAP system while the FSM system required extra if statements scattered amongst the various states to inform the FSM system when to change state.

The final extra game mode implemented was UT2005’s popular Capture the Flag team game. In this game mode, each team has a base and a flag. The flag initially starts off in a team’s base and the goal of the game is to bring the opposing team’s flag back to the team’s base. A team scores a point if it returns the opposition flag to its own base. Like the Domination game mode, a good deal of squad co-ordination is required as each team must

protect its own flag and bring it back to its own base. It must also try and attack the 58

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