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58/7 of the United Nations General Assembly. They expressed deep concern over the widening of the extra-territorial nature of the embargo against Cuba and over continuous new legislative measure geared to intensifying it. The Ministers also urged the United States Government to return the territory now occupied by the Guantánamo Naval Base to Cuban sovereignty, and to put an end to aggressive radio and TV transmission against Cuba. They also expressed concern and rejected the new measures recently approved by the US government, aimed at tightening the embargo. Those measures constitute a violation of Cuba’s sovereignty and a massive violation of the human rights of its people.



The Ministers expressed their support for the Constitutional Government of Hugo Chavez Frias, who was democratically elected by the majority of the Venezuelan people. They also found, at the time, that it was necessary to find a solution to the Venezuelan situation in a peaceful, just, and institutional way, within the framework of the Constitution. They also recognised international initiatives in the search for a solution. In this sense, the Ministers expressed satisfaction that in Presidencial Revocatory Referendum, held on August 15th, President Hugo Chavez Frias was ratified by the Venezuelan people in his constitutional mandate with a significant majority of votes. The Ministers appreciate that this contributes toward the stabilization of the country and of its institutions; it allows for the continuation of a constructive dialogue with the democratic opposition and confirms the consolidation of direct and participatory democracy enshrined in the Constitution of 1999.

Guyana and Venezuela

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    The Ministers in expressing their satisfaction at the existing cordial relations between Guyana and Venezuela noted that the commitment to strengthen the bonds of friendship and co-operation which was made by the Heads of State of both countries during the State Visit by President Hugo Chavez to Guyana in February 2004, augured well for the development of relations between the two countries.

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    The Ministers commended the Parties for their ongoing commitment to the peaceful and practical settlement of the controversy under the aegis of the United Nations Good Offices Process and expressed their support for the Parties in the continuation of this process.

Belize and Guatemala

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    Mindful of the fundamental principles of the Movement, which uphold respect for the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of States, the Ministers recall that the Movement has closely followed the developments in the Belize-Guatemala territorial dispute.

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    The Ministers recalled that on 16 September 2002, a Facilitation Process agreed to by the Parties resulted in the presentation of Proposals for a definitive, just and honourable solution to the dispute, and that on 7 February 2003 the Parties signed an Agreement to Establish a Transition Process and Confidence Building Measures aimed at maintaining peace and neighbourly relations between the two countries until the said Proposals were approved by referenda in both countries and Treaties of Settlement putting an end to the


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