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and national law.

  • 294.

    The Ministers reaffirmed that the sovereignty, territorial integrity and national unity of States must be fully respected in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations. In this context, they stressed that humanitarian assistance should be provided with the consent of the affected country and on the basis of an appeal by the affected country.

  • 295.

    The Ministers reaffirmed the Movement’s commitment to enhance international co- operation to resolve international problems of a humanitarian character in full compliance with the Charter of the United Nations, and, in this regard, they reiterated the rejection by the Non-Aligned Movement of the so-called “right” of humanitarian intervention, which has no basis either in the Charter of the United Nations or in international law.

  • 296.

    The Ministers reaffirmed that international assistance to respond to humanitarian emergencies, including natural disasters, should be provided impartially upon request by the national government, and be based upon humanitarian considerations solely in accordance with the needs arising out of the particular natural disaster. In this respect, they reiterated the need to increase funding for international co-operation and disaster management, including early warning systems, taking into account particularly the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction as it relates to the transition from relief to development.

  • 297.

    The Ministers invited States, as appropriate, to give priority to and fully integrate disaster risk reductions strategies into all relevant legal, policy and planning instruments in order to address the social, economic, political and environmental dimensions that influence vulnerability to natural hazards, bearing in mind the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction.

  • 298.

    The Ministers acknowledged the urgent need to further sensitise the international community, particularly the donor community and the international financial institutions to alleviate the negative consequences on the economies, social development and environment, developing countries hosting large refugee populations and those who are in situations of post-conflict reconstruction with protracted and heavy refugee caseloads. They reiterated the necessity for international burden-sharing and responsibility in refugee situations and called for intensified financial and moral support to developing countries hosting refugees, upon request, while scrupulously observing the principles of neutrality, non-conditionality and non-interference.

  • 299.

    The Ministers stressed the importance of continued international co-operation in support of the efforts by affected States in dealing with natural disasters in all their phases.

  • 300.

    The Ministers emphasized that humanitarian assistance should not be provided to the detriment of resources allocated to international co-operation for development.

  • 301.

    The Ministers reiterated that economic growth and sustainable development are essential for prevention of and preparedness against natural disasters and other emergencies. Many emergencies reflect the underlying crisis in development facing developing countries. Humanitarian assistance should therefore be accompanied by a renewal of commitment to economic growth and sustainable development of developing countries. In this context, the Ministers stressed that adequate resources must be made available to 66

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