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Fortunately I found the great magician: Doug Dawson and his Sound Gauge to solve this. I build three different sounds for play; one for the acceleration phase, other for play when the engine is stabilized at 100% RPM and the last which plays during decrease RPM phase, sounds that must play in combination with the main FS sound system.   


And again, what with the sounds when engines stops?


Synchronizing the sounds. What if apply full RPM and the acceleration face sound didn’t finish? I must implement a timer in the code for insert a delay who makes wait the sustained sound to play until the acceleration sound ends (here I had good help from AVSIM Forum people, thanks).


Adjust the sound level of the simm sound engine in juxtaposition by the superimposed sounds with the Doug’s Gauge, for get a believable final sound.

For finish: There are yet some bugs in the ‘Percent RPM’ gauge. But at the present time the gauge is doing exactly what I expected.      

The next code fragment rotates the small needle and has a bug in it.

It is expected this needle must rotate 10 times as maximum.

Note I need put <Value Maximum=”19”> for get the needle turns 10 times (from a stopped engine and to the 100% RPM range)

Also had to multiply by 20 (A:general eng2 propeller lever position,part).

The addition of 13.2 is for synchronize the needles positions.

I think the bug is in the <Item Values…/> coordinates. In someplace of the Item Value interpolation the needle needs two times the food for do a single turn!

The code fragment:

<Value Maximum="19">(A:general eng2 combustion, bool) if{ (A:general eng2 propeller lever position,part) 20 * 13.2 + } els{ 0 (&gt;A:general eng2 propeller lever position,part) }</Value>


                    <Item Value="0" X="0" Y="173"/>

                    <Item Value="0.25" X="80" Y="0"/>

                    <Item Value="0.5" X="250" Y="173"/>

<Item Value="0.75" X="80" Y="250"/>

<Item Value="0.9" X="0" Y="236"/>


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