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Slit/Cut/Crease/Perf. GBC AUSTRALIA

DCM-52/75 I Automated Creaser

This industrial creasing machine has two different feeding widths: 520 and 750mm. Designed to crease and perforate digital prints, cardboard, laminated sheets, folded sheets, plastic sheets, etc.

DC-645 I Automated Slit/Cut/Crease/Perf. System

The DC-645 has been recognised as a top quality digital finishing unit by many leading digital print companies. It offers high quality creasing, slitting and cutting in a single pass while also opening the finishing process to networked management through JDF connectivity. This makes the DC-645 an ideal machine for a progressive printer looking to future-proof an investment, while being able to meet any requirements for short run and fast turnaround print production.



PC – 360 I Manual Creaser

Automated Slit / Cut / Crease Machine

The PC-360 is easy to operate and maintain, making it an ideal component in the binding process. Maximum creasing width: 360mm.

The DC-615 Slitter/Cutter/ Creaser performs exactly as it states: accurate creasing, slitting or cutting of digitally printed work. It is an ideal answer to the question of how best to finish many types of short run digital print which can result in cracking problems when using standard finishing machinery. The single unit offers a multiple of finishing options to create a myriad of professionally finished saleable products in a single pass. Duplo’s understanding of the problems associated with digitally printed material has led to the inclusion of features to keep the unit operating to its full potential. Despite this versatility, the DC-615 is simple to operate thanks to touch-panel displays and well-conceived user interface.

MCM – 48A I Automatic Multicreaser

The Multigraf MCM-48A is the first table-top creaser to provide a crease & a micro-perforation in letterpress quality. This automatic version is specifically for print shops, with small-medium jobs and shorter run times.

I DC-445 Automated Creaser

Digital printing requires creasing before folding, in order to prevent unwanted cracking – the DC-445 Ducreaser is the ideal machine for this task. Designed to cope with short runs with fast set up and multiple creasing options to handle a wide range of products. Optional perforating and slitting modules

extend the usefulness of the DC-445 Ducreaser still further.


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