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Modular Series



New Binding System

I Docubind P200 & P400 Desktop Plastic Comb Punch & Bind

The Docubind P200 & P400 are designed to function in the general office environment.

Interchangeable Die Punching System

The GBC MP2500iX is designed for those needing high volume punching with ease of use.

This range incorporates the new vertical punch throat to give precise alignment of the document and has a unique radial bind head, allowing smoother, easier and faster operation.

Punching Capacity

Plastic Comb

25 sheets

4:1 Colour Coil

17 sheets

Twin Loop Wire

20-22 sheets

Ring Binder

25 sheets


29 sheets

Never has there been a punch as versatile as the MP2500iX. Simply slide the die sets in place - no tools or locking levers are required.

Automated desktop binder that is easy to use and stylish for the corporate office. An all-in-one punching and binding system that enables you to bind your documents quickly and efficiently. A new and modern product, ideal for those offices that require a fresh image in binding.

M a g n a P u n c h I H e a v y D u t y P u n c h i n g S y s t e m w i t h I n t e r c h a n g e a b l e D i e S e t s



Modular Series Plastic Comb Closer

Increased productivity is achieved by easily punching 15 to 20 sheets at a time. Binding size up to 450 pages.

P200 offers a manual punch and closer. P400 offers an electric punch and manual closer.

I Docubind TL200 & TL400 Desktop Twin Loop Wire Punch & Bind

The Docubind TL200 & TL400 are designed to function in the general office environment.

This system features our new exclusive wire holder design that enables you to assemble your document as you punch, making it easier to load paper onto the binding element than with previous systems. 125 sheets bind capacity. Punching capacity of 15 to 20 sheets.

TL200 a manual punch and closer.

TL400 an electric punch and manual closer.

The Magnapunch is extremely easy to operate, use either the foot pedal or the tabletop trigger switch. Die sets for different punch patterns simply slide in and automatically lock into place, no tools or fasteners required.



Modular Series Coil Closer

Produce attractive Colour Coil™ documents with a versatile production system from GBC. With its exclusive “Spine Former”, adjustable roller knobs and all metal construction, the CC2700 ensures quick, easy and reliable binding.

The PB2600 electric comb closer is easy to operate with either the dual foot pedal or table-top button to activate the binding process. User-friendly features such as the adjustable binding knob and the LED display help you to easily set-up your system for each binding job.

TL2900 I Modular Series Wire Closer

Twin loop binding has never been easier! Revolutionary design of one station to punch and close; and hassle-free operation makes the TL2900 the wire binder of choice. Now your documents not only command attention, but are functional as well. Twin loop bound documents lie completely flat when opened and pages wrap all the way around for easy handling.

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