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Digital Celloglazing GBC AUSTRALIA

Delta I Automatic Single-sided Laminator

The Delta is a synonym for flexibility. Where volumes are becoming smaller and production turn-around needs to be more efficient, the Delta concept is based on offering you the ability to change stock, size and film quickly. This one-sided, cost competitive laminator is a compact, fully integrated machine with a built-in feeder and separator. It is suitable for digital short or offset small to medium run and offers high professional and quality performances. The Delta’s compact design, speed of 30m/min and ease of operation makes it the ideal machine to start in-house lamination and add flexibility to existing lamination facilities. The Delta will surely help you to distinguish yourself and to offer your customers the best quality and fast service they rely on.

GBC 620OS I Automatic Single-Sided Laminator

Developed with sophisticated technology and an eye on ease-of-operation, GBC’s 620OS is the industry’s “best-in-class” single-sided laminating system. With a semi-automatic feeding system and integrated separator, this tabletop laminator is ideal for short run applications. It is designed to complement both colour printers and offset press short runs.

With a warm-up time of five minutes, an efficient setup procedure and comprehensive capabilities, the 620OS easily and quickly improves the finished appearance and durability of narrow format prints.

New Release

Amiga 36 I Automatic Single-Sided Laminator

The Amiga 36 is a compact solution designed for processing jobs up to B3 sheet format, especially suitable within the digital print market. With vacuum sheet feeding from small pile or adding sheets continuously and an automatic sheet separator using a perforator, the Amiga 36 is the ideal lamination solution for those with limited floor space.

Digital Films I Thermal Celloglazing Film

The special digital adhesive on these films creates a chemical bond that enables lamination immediately after printing, designed for laminating dry toner-based prints containing silicone fuser oil. These films are available in Hi-Tac and standard PP materials. Hi-Tac films offer a clear finishing film with a digital adhesive designed specifically to provide a strong bond, ideal for book covers and other printed media.

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