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AUDIO: Uncompressed HD quality audio at 1.6MBs per channel.

POWER CONSUMPTION: Maximum 15 watts per speaker.


  • Speakers operate on our 12 volt or 24 volt low-voltage systems including Monorail, 2-Circuit Monorail, and Fusion Jack (Monopoint).

  • Using our 120V Track Adapter: operates on most popular track lighting systems.

  • Using our Recessed Can Adapter: works with any recessed can that is 6 ¼" to 6 ½" in diameter and has “C” shaped hooks on the inside of the can.

MAXIMUM RANGE: The range depends on the number and material of walls in the space. Steel reinforced concrete will have the most significant effect. Wood and drywall will have much less of an impact. We recommend the following:

  • Room to Room: 70 feet

  • Same Room: 150 feet

  • Same Room, Line of Site: 250 feet

DIMMING: The speakers are operable when the MonoRail system is dimmed. The maximum speaker volume may be limited based on the level of dimming along with the type of dimmer and power supply.


SPEAKER CHANNELS: Includes easy switch on the back of the speaker to select either left, right or mono (left + right).

WIRELESS TRANSMITTER: The transmitter plugs into almost any audio device (with included or optional accessories).

  • USB: connects to a computer’s USB port.

  • 3.5mm Earphone jack: connects to nearly any portable audio

system like iPod/iPhone® or other MP3 players.

  • RCA jack: connects to receiver, stereo, or television (cords not included).

  • Includes plug-in power supply when using on any device other than a computer which delivers power through the USB connection.

FREQUENCY: The transmitter operates at 2.4 GHz allowing it to transmit

further distances when compared to 5.4 GHz. While numerous devices run on this frequency, we have tested the speakers with most common devices without any interference issues. While we don’t anticipate any interference issues, it is theoretically possible that in areas of extreme congestion, some

interference could occur. Should interference occur, we recommend changing the zone as below.

THREE ZONE CAPABILITY: If using multiple sets of speakers in different locations, this allows them to be controlled individually. The zone can be adjusted on the transmitter and the speakers.

INFRARED REMOTE CONTROL: Includes power and volume control and four pre-set equalizer options; the user can control the speakers individually (e.g. they don’t all have to be at the same volume level). The remote can transmit approximately 30 feet within line of site.

SUB-WOOFER: Can be purchased to provide additional bass support. Includes 4" driver (sold separately).

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