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Participation: 50 Points

Your attendance and participation during class meetings is encouraged and expected.  You are expected to respond to course material and to complete and discuss exercises that are conducted during class.  Thus, 25 of your participation points will be awarded based on your engagement in the material and your contributions to conversations during weekly class meetings. To earn the remaining 25 participation points, students will also be asked to participate in “Minute Responses” at the beginning or end of many class periods, which are designed to give students an opportunity to reflect and write about many of the ideas that have been covered in class.  These Minute Responses are graded on a credit/no credit basis and account for 25 of your participation points.  You MUST be in class to complete these assignments.  There are no “make-ups” under any circumstances.

Reflection Papers: Complete 5 @ 10 points each – 50 points total

Every week I will post a reflection question on Sakai that asks you to consider how the content being covered that week relates to your own lived experience. I will post the question on Mondays and you will be required to submit a 1-2 page response in your drop box on Sakai by Friday at 4pm. You are required to submit a total of FIVE reflection papers over the course of the semester, so you can choose which weeks you want to respond.

Exams: 200 Points

Two exams will be given in this course. These are designed to test knowledge and comprehension; therefore, questions require recall and application of material. Questions will cover material from assigned readings and lectures. Each exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions and is worth 100 points. The date for each exam is noted in the course schedule. There will NOT be a comprehensive final exam for this course.

Précis Assignments: Complete 2 @ 50 points each - 100 points total

The goal of this assignment is to summarize a recent research article about an interpersonal communication phenomenon. You will be asked to write two précis papers over the course of the semester, each two pages in length. The précis assignments are worth 50 points each, for a total of 100 points. You must CHOOSE TWO of the first four units to submit a précis paper on one of the topics covered in that unit. Precis papers are due at the end of the unit. For each précis, you will locate a research article on one of the topics that were covered in that unit and write a 2-page summary of the paper. A detailed description of this assignment is provided in a separate handout.

Assimilation Paper: 100 Points

The assimilation paper is a term paper that assimilates information from three theories discussed in class to explain a phenomenon common in identity formation or close relationships. You may choose any phenomenon that you have witnessed or experienced in the context of personal identity or personal relationships. Some examples of topics include, but are not limited to, self-esteem, body image, narcissism, shyness, jealousy, sexual intimacy, conflict, relational abuse, aggressiveness, humor, “cold feet,” stalking, long distance relationships, power, emotion, infidelity, “hooking up,” polygamy, or “friends with benefits” to name a few. Pick a topic that

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