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Reading Assignments: In addition to the chapters in your textbook, reading assignments noted on the class schedule are all accessible as PDF documents through the Alexander Library electronic reserves. Please complete all readings prior to class.

Attendance: Attending class is up to you; however, you should be aware that: (a) material presented in class is often not available from other resources, (b) I assume you receive any announcements or handouts provided during class, and (c) missed minute responses cannot be made up under any circumstances.

Late Work: All written work is to be handed in on the due date stated in the syllabus.  Papers submitted past the deadline will be deducted 10% of the total point value of the assignment for EACH day that it remains late.  Extensions on papers are rarely granted, but if you feel that you have a valid reason for an extension it is essential that you discuss this with me BEFORE the paper is due.  

Personal Emergencies: If you experience an unavoidable personal situation that prevents you from completing work on time, you must take responsibility for informing your instructor prior to the date the work is due. A failure to contact your instructor prior to the due date will result in the application of the late assignment policy described above. Extensions will ONLY be granted for substantiated and documented emergencies. Make-up exams are scheduled ONLY in cases of documented and unavoidable conflicts. You must notify your instructor prior to the exam date to re-schedule.

Email: I frequently use email as a means for getting in touch with the entire class; therefore it is important that you have a working email address that you have on record with the university and check on a regular basis. Also, with a class this large, I request that you don’t send me copies of papers to review over email.  I am more than willing to talk about your writing with you, but I prefer to do it during office hours when we can talk face to face about what you can do to improve your writing.  I feel strongly that such discussions are more beneficial to you as a student and more enjoyable for me as an instructor.  

Academic Dishonesty: Dishonesty of any kind is unacceptable in this course. Dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, plagiarism, fabricating information of citations, facilitating acts of dishonesty by others, submitting work of another person or work previously used, or tampering with the academic work of other students.  Academic dishonesty will result in academic sanctions and may result in automatic failure of the course.

Access: Please come to my office hours or make an appointment to speak with me if you are having trouble in this class.  I am more than willing to help students who are open about their needs.  If you are having trouble understanding the material or if you have issues in your personal life that are impeding your ability to perform in this class as you normally would it is vital that you speak to me about it before you begin to fall behind.  I never like to see students slip through the cracks if it can be prevented.  So please see me the moment you feel you need some help.

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