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Feasibility Study Template


Staffing Position #1: Online Sales Manager – this full time position will lead sales staff in identifying sales opportunities and converting these opportunities to actual sales.  This person will report to ABC’s Director of Sales and will work in ABC headquarters.

Staffing Position #2: Online Marketing Manager – this full time position will lead marketing staff in identifying target customer groups/markets and conducting online advertising/marketing efforts to maximize traffic to ABCs online marketplace.  This person will report to ABC’s Director of Marketing and will work in ABC headquarters.

7. Schedule

This section is intended to provide a high level framework for implementation of the product or service being considered.  This section is not intended to include a detailed schedule as this would be developed during project planning should this initiative be approved.  This section may include some targeted milestones and timeframes for completion as a guideline only.

The ABC online sales campaign is expected to take six months from project approval to launch of the e-commerce platform.  Many of the foundations for this platform, such as high-speed internet and web server capability, are already available.  The following is a high level schedule of some significant milestones for this initiative:

Jan 1, 20xx: Initiate Project

February 1, 20 xx: Project kickoff meeting

March 1, 20 xx: Complete online sales site design

April 1, 20 xx: Complete testing of online sales site

June 1, 20 xx: Complete beta testing trials of online sales site

July 2, 20 xx: Go live with site launch

Upon approval of this project a detailed schedule will be created by the assigned project team to include all tasks and deliverables.  

8. Financial Projections

This section provides a description of the financial projections the new initiative is expected to yield versus additional costs.  Financial projections are one key aspect of new project selection criteria.  There are many ways to present these projections.  Net present value (NPV), cost-benefit calculations, and balance sheets are just some examples of how financial projections may be illustrated.  This section should also provide the assumptions on which the illustrated financial projections are based.

The financial projections for the addition of an online sales platform for ABC are highlighted in the table below.  These figures account for projected online sales, additional staffing requirements, shipping, material, and insurance costs, contract support for IT and training needs, and web server and hosting costs.  

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