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The Hermeneutical Distinctives of Expository Preaching

So, when we are told that biblical preaching is presumptuous, or naïve, or ineffective, or all three, we know that the ocean is truly within the boat and that it will soon be sunk unless the preachers begin bailing. That is why a biblical ministry, such as College Church has enjoyed under our esteemed brother Kent these many years, stands as a beacon light in the darkness and crosscurrents of contemporary confusion. We salute a ministry devoted to “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” and thank God for the countless lives influenced from that pulpit in both the spoken and the written word, and the numerous ministries put back on track by this powerful example and model. At the heart of this ministry lies the conviction that it is the Word of God in the hands of the Spirit of God that accomplishes the work of God—through the preacher, the man of God.

The Proclamation Trust

That same conviction lies at the heart of the ministry of The Proclama- tion Trust in the United Kingdom that, in informal partnership with the Simeon Trust in the United States, seeks to bring about the renais- sance and development of biblical expository preaching, characterized by careful listening to God in his Word and its powerful application to the lives of both the preacher and his hearers, with penetrating, practi- cal relevance.

John Stott has often spoken of effective preaching as a bridge, firmly grounded at either end, both in the biblical text, with all its unchang- ing truth, and in the contemporary world, with all its urgent need as expressed in darkened understanding and hardened hearts (Eph. 4:18). Both firm groundings are certainly characteristic of the ministry of Dick Lucas, in which The Proclamation Trust had its origins.

Founded in 1986, the Trust at its inception could already look back over twenty-five years of extraordinary growth and fruitfulness. Dick Lucas was appointed in 1961 as rector of St. Helen’s Bishopsgate in the heart of the business community of the city of London. Building on lunchtime services for those working in “the Square Mile,” extend- ing to Bible study and discipleship groups, St. Helen’s added Sunday evening services for students and young graduates and in due course a families’ work on Sunday mornings, so that over the years, countless numbers of people heard the Word of the Lord. For many, this led to their conversion to Christ and for even more the nurture and growth of a vigorous life of discipleship.


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