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firefighters from getting lost in smoky buildings, and keep patients alive while being transported to a hospital, first responders say. The system’s radio antennas, microwaves and electronic equipment are now being assembled and tested by Motorola, the city’s vendor. That equipment should begin arriving in Louisville for assembly in late March, said the Public Works director. The new towers will join nine existing towers that are scheduled for upgrading. In addition, the former Federal Reserve Bank at is being prepared to become the new emergency communications center. The president of the Jefferson County Fire Chief’s Association said MetroSafe is important because it will allow firefighters to talk with police and Emergency Medical Services personnel. It will also allow suburban firefighters to communicate with metro Louisville firefighters. Source: http://www.courier- journal.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080107/NEWS01/801070425

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Information Technology

24. January 7, IDG News Service – (International) CA’s website attacked by hackers. Hackers have attacked software vendor CA’s website and are redirecting visitors to a malicious website hosted in China. Although the problem now appears to have been corrected, cached versions of some pages on CA.com show that the site had been redirecting visitors to the uc8010.com domain, which has been serving malicious software since late December, according to the director of the SANS Internet Storm Center. The hack is similar to last year’s attack on the Dolphin Stadium website, which infected visitors looking for information on the Super Bowl football game, he said. “It’s exactly the same setup,” he said. “It’s JavaScript that they’ve managed to insert into the title or the body of the HTML.” CA itself may not even host the press release section of its site, as that job is often outsourced to a third party, he said. Often a misconfigured application server or a web or database programming error can give hackers all the opening they need to insert their malicious code. The uc8010.com domain serves attack code that exploits a recently patched vulnerability in the RealPlayer multimedia software, he said. The criminals behind this domain have hacked tens of thousands of Web pages and inserted code that redirects visitors to the malicious server, he added. SANS has posted a note on the uc8010.com issue and recommends that IT staff block access to the domain. He said another domain, ucmal.com, which is also hosted in China, should also be blocked because it is associated with a similar type of attack. Source: http://www.techworld.com/security/news/index.cfm?newsID=11044&pagtype=all

25. January 7, Computerworld – (National) Mass hack infects tens of thousands of sites. Tens of thousands of Web sites have been compromised by an automated SQL injection attack, and, although some have been cleaned, others continue to serve visitors a malicious script that tries to hijack their PCs using multiple exploits, security experts said this weekend. The chief research officer of Grisoft SRO pointed out that the hacked sites could be found via a simple Google search for the domain that hosted the malicious JavaScript. On Saturday, he said, the number of sites that had fallen victim to the attack numbered more than 70,000. “This was a pretty good mass-hack,” he said in a blog post.

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