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ACHPER International Conference 2009 - Contemporary Games Teaching


Culminating event. Sport seasons typically come to a conclusion with a defining event. The seasons therefore conclude with a festival type of event that celebrates the success of all students who participated.

One of the key aspects of the SEPEP model is that students participate in roles which are utilised in the sport environment. These can include coach, referee/umpire, publicity offficer, game analyser etc. As part of these roles questions can be set to guide the participant and to integrate TGfU with SEPEP. These questions can be directed at cognition (concentration, communication, decision making), strategy and tactics and technique,

Integrating TGfU and SEPEP

TGfU is based on a problem solving approach and one of the key aspects is effective questioning. Generally these questions are directed at the participant but now utilising the SEPEP model this can now be focused at other roles such as the coach or game analyser. Let us now look at a practical example of a striking /fielding game.

Voluntary Run T ball is an introductory activity to the striking/ fielding category of games. This simplified T ball game allows participants to run at any base (in a anti-clockwise direction), even off their initial hit. All runners have to be home after the last batter bats otherwise the team loses home runs for every batter left out. Batters and runners can only be out if hey are caught off the bat or they don‘t make a base by the time he ball reaches the base. If a runner decides to run they have to go and cannot go back. The ball must also be hit in a designated area.

The focus should be on principles of play for both the fielding and batting team. For the fielding team this would include whole team, sub team (two or more players but not a team) and individual players state of play adaptations. Cognition when to throw, where to throw (based on the state of play), what needs to be communicated and what do you concentrate on. The technique focus is throwing and catching. For the batting team this would also include whole, sub team and individual state of play adaptations. Cognition when to run, where to hit (based on the state of play), what needs to be communicated and what do you concentrate on. The technique focus is the swing.

There are adaptations that can be made to the rules to introduce other principles of play. For example, if a ball is thrown to a base and there is no fielder behind the base, all runners advance home. This will require the batting team to take advantage of this rule while the fielding team strategy is to minimise the impact.

The next progression is 5 a side T Ball where there no longer is the voluntary run, the batting order is flexible and there is the 3 out rule. The focus as before is on implementing principles of play.

The types of questions with some possible responses for the coach or game analyser to answer are as follows:


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