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  • Research, subscribe, and build relationships with the media regularly if you want to become well-known, respected, and wealthy.

    • 1.

      Research: Review all forms of media to see who covers your topic, including TV, radio, magazines, blogs, podcasts, and other online sites.

    • 2.

      Subscribe: Subscribe to Google alerts, blogs, and traditional websites where journalists are producing content around your topic (i.e. real estate, marketing, politics).

    • 3.

      Build relationships: Read incoming articles (via email/rss) carefully, search for the journalists name in Google to grab their email address for your response, and then send them an idea they might not have thought of or an opinion. If you can’t find their email address, go to their company’s press room, find the email address of a PR contact to see how their email is constructed and then reproduce it.

      • ex. ABC News - FirstName.LastName@abc.com

      • ex. BusinessWeek Magazine - FirstName LastName@businessweek.com

    • 4.

      Other suggestions

      • Interview journalists as a way to promote their own brand, without asking for coverage first.

      • Keep a running tab on the journalists that respond positively to your email by using an Excel spreadsheet.

      • Be a resource to them, even when you don’t fit in their story by locating sources and examples that will help them complete their stories.

Final word: Create goodwill with your public so that journalists want to interview again and again.

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