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  • Most successful people won’t tell you who they have behind the scenes: interns.

  • Unpaid internships are common these days

    • Students can’t get jobs unless they have internship experience.

    • Students can earn course credit from their colleges.

    • Students have networks of their own that can support your cause, including their college administration, and fellow students (if that’s your audience).

  • You can’t scale your brand, so don’t try

    • Review your entire platform, which could include a website, blog, social network profiles, a wiki, etc.

    • Decide what your strength is, what tools you know you have to be active on, but can’t allocate time to.

    • Assign one or more interns to help you distribute targeted content by empowering them and watching over them for a few weeks.

  • How to bring fresh interns onboard

    • Understand what your key objectives are, how many hours a week you need the intern, and if they can work remotely or not.

    • Create a job description for that internship, including how long the internship goes for, their key activities, and the benefits they will receive by enrolling.

    • Use your current network to fish for interns, by sending out a tweet, updating your Facebook and LinkedIn account, sending a note to your mailing list, putting the opening on your site, and then tell people you’re looking for an intern in your day to day business activities.

Final wo d: Students love the internet and are hungry for work experience, which gives them enough of a reason to want to work for you for free.

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