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A Fiberglass Mat Faced, Moisture Resistant, Gypsum Roof Board

Composition: Tremco/GP Gypsum Dens-Deck® consists of a water resistant, silicone treated gypsum core, faced with embedded fiberglass mats on the top and bottom of the board. Dens-Deck meets ASTM C 1177/C 1177M-99, the Standard Specification for Glass Mat Gypsum Substrate for use as Sheathing.

General Application Data: Roof replacement usually involves more complexities than new construction roof- ing. Often encountered are situations such as rusted/dete- riorated decks, rotted wood components, rooftop equip- ment which cannot be shut down, and numerous other conditions.

Basic Uses: Tremco/GP Gypsum Dens-Deck is used as a nonstructural roof board in a variety of low slope roof sys- tem configurations. Dens-Deck is recommended as an over- layment board for isocyanurate insulation in cold process BUR and MB roof systems. Dens-Deck can be used as a substrate for Tremco Single Ply roof systems. Dens-Deck can be installed directly to structural roof decks such as steel and wood to improve application or fire resistance properties of the roofing assembly. Dens-Deck is also rec- comended as a substrate for vapor retarder systems.

Tremco/GP Gypsum Dens-Deck can be used in a variety of nonstructural roofing applications. Contact your local Tremco Representative for a list of approved applications.

The following application information is designed to serve as a general guide. Your local Tremco Representative will prepare detailed specifications based on the condition of your roof.

Structural Decks: Must be properly designed and structurally sound.

Drainage: Ponding conditions are unacceptable and will adversely affect the performance of any roofing system. If positive drainage does not exist, water removal from the roof sur- face must be facilitated by lowering drains, and/or installing drains, tapered insulation, or Tremco approved lightweight insulating concrete system.

Limitations: When Dens-Deck is installed in a mechanically attached configuration, use fastener plates which have a flat upper and lower surface to minimize potential for damaging the fiberglass facer.

Do not apply fully coated asphalt or modified bitumen base sheets directly to Dens-Deck in hot applied bitumen.

Roof Board Storage: Roof boards must be dry and kept dry. When stored outdoors, stack roof board on pallets at least 4 inches (100 mm) above the ground level. Upon receipt of roof board on the job site, remove the factory plastic packaging. Cover the top and sides of the roof board with waterproof tarpaulin (not polyethylene) and secure. Do not stack more than two pallets high.

When fully mopping ply sheets direct to Dens-Deck, do not exceed mopping temperatures of 425°F.

Do not point a torch flame or hot air (above 425°F) directly to the Dens-Deck surface during roof membrane applica- tion. Instead, heat sources must be applied evenly to the membrane materials.

Surface Preparation: Prior to installing the insulation and/or roof board, the substrate must be clean, dry and free of dust, dirt, oil, or other contaminants. Concrete and gypsum decks must be properly cured and sufficient- ly dry prior to installing insulation and/or roof board.

Dimensions: Dens-Deck is available in truckload quantities in the following standard sizes: 1/4" x 4' x 8' (6 mm x 1220 mm x 2440 mm), 60 pcs/pallet 1/2" x 4' x 8' (13 mm x 1220 mm x 2440 mm), 50 pcs/pallet

The following sizes are available in truckload quantities on a custom order basis: 1/4" x 4' x 4' (6 mm x 1220 mm x 1220 mm), 60 pcs/pallet 1/2" x 4' x 4' (13 mm x 1220 mm x 1220 mm), 50 pcs/pallet

INSTALLATION PROCEDURES: The use of FAS-n-FREE Adhesive for solvent free, fastener free insulation attach- ment is the preferred method of attachment unless other- wise specified. All board sizes of Dens-Deck are approved for application in FAS-n-FREE Adhesive. Dens-Deck can also be installed in a full mopping of Tremco Premium III Asphalt or ASTM D 312-95, Type III asphalt. Mechanical fasteners can also be used to secure Dens-Deck to struc- tural roof decks.


Product Advantages Benefits

• Fiberglass mat faced

• Resistant to decay • Strong, resists delamination

• Treated gypsum core

• Moisture resistant • Fire resistant

• High compressive strength

• Impact resistant • Puncture resistant • Excellent flute spanability

• Available in ⁄" and fi" thicknesses

• Can easily conform to surfaces or provide a rigid over/underlayment.

Direct to Decks: For Tremco UL (Underwriters Laboratories) roof system classifications, when Dens-Deck (minimum 1/4" thick) is installed directly to a wood roof deck, the resulting deck assembly is considered a non- combustible roof deck per UL. The joints of the Dens- Deck must be offset 6 inches (150 mm) with the joints in the structural deck.

Dens-Deck can also be installed directly to steel, cement wood fiber, gypsum, and concrete roof decks as a sub- strate for vapor retarders or other roof membrane sys- tems. Consult with your Tremco Representative for Tremco approved system combinations.

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