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Overlayment: Dens-Deck can be specified as an overlay- ment for approved roof insulation boards, such as poly- isocyanurate, wood fiber, and fiberglass insulation. Dens-Deck can be used as a substrate for Tremco cold process POWERply MB and Burmastic systems. Dens-Deck is also used as a substrate for adhered or mechanically attached Tremco Single Ply roof systems.

POWERply APP torch/heat welded systems can also be applied to Dens-Deck, provided the Dens-Deck is primed with an asphalt primer and the torch flame or hot air is not pointed directly at the Dens-Deck during application.

Hot applied BUR systems can be applied directly to Dens- Deck, provided the bitumen mopping temperatures do not exceed 425°F(218oC). Asphalt ply sheets which com- ply with ASTM D 2178 are approved for application direct to Dens-Deck. Fully coated asphalt base sheets and modi- fied bitumen base sheets are not reccomended for applica- tion direct to Dens-Deck in hot applied configurations.

Adhesive Application: Prime concrete and metal deck substrates with Tremprime WB. After primer has thor- oughly dried, apply FAS-n-FREE Adhesive to the substrate in ribbons of fi" to 3/4" (13 mm to 19 mm) diameter beads at the required coverage rate. Set Dens-Deck into the adhesive immediately and step into place. Obtain and read the Specification Data Sheet for Tremprime WB and FAS-n-FREE Adhesive for further information.

Bitumen Application: Hot applied asphalt can be used to adhere Dens-Deck to concrete decks, mechanically attached base sheets, and insulation layer(s) previously secured. Concrete decks must be primed with Tremprime WB or Temprime QD Low Odor and allowed to thor- oughly dry. Adhere Dens-Deck to substrate in a full cover- age of hot applied asphalt at a coverage rate of 30 lbs. per 100 sq. ft. (1.5 kg/m2) ± 20%. Place insulation imme- diately into the hot bitumen and step into place to achieve a solid bond.

Fastener Attachment: Tremco Fasteners and Steel Plates are recommended where mechanical attachment is speci- fied. Do not mix fasteners and discs of different brands unless the combination is Factory Mutual Approved.

Fasteners must be driven perpendicular to the deck. Fastener should be driven tight enough so that the disc will not turn. Do not overdrive the fastener, as the roof board may fracture and become susceptible to loss of attachment.

Precautions: User must read container labels and Material Safety Data Sheets for health and safety precautions prior to use.

Availability and Cost: Contact your local Tremco Representative for pricing and availability. For the name and number of your Representative, call the Roofing Division at 216/292-5000.

Maintenance: Your local Tremco Roofing Representative can provide you with effective maintenance procedures which may vary, depending upon specific conditions. Periodic inspections, early repairs and preventive maintenance are all part of a sound roof program.

Guarantee/Warranty: Tremco Incorporated warrants Tremco/GP Gypsum Dens- Deck to be free of defects and to meet published physical properties when cured and tested according to ASTM and Tremco Standards. Under this warranty, any Tremco/GP Gypsum Dens-Deck that is proved to be defective when applied in accordance with our written instructions and in applications recommended by Tremco as suitable for this product will be replaced with like product at no charge. THIS IS BUYERS SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY.

Flexural Strength Parallel

40 lbf (178N)

80 lbf (356N)

ASTM C 473-00 Method B


45 lbf (200N)

100 lbf (445N)


47.7 perms

23 perms

ASTM E 96-00

R Value



ASTM C 518-98

Flute Spanability

2 5/8” (67mm)

5” (127mm)

ASTM E 661-88(1997)


500psi (3445 kPa)

500psi (3445 kPA)

ASTM C 473-00


110 lbs/SQ (5.37 kg/m2)

195 lbs/SQ (9.5kg/m2)

ASTM C 473-00

Physical Performance Characteristics TREMCO/GP GYPSUM DENS-DECK®


Typical Value

1/4” (6.4mm)

1/2” (12.7mm)

Test Method

All claims concerning product defects must be made in writing within twelve (12) months of shipment. The ab- sence of such claims in writing during this period will con- stitute a waiver of all claims with respect to such product.

This warranty is in lieu of any and all other warranties expressed or implied, including but not limited to, any implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Technical Services: Your local Tremco Representative, working with the Technical Service Staff, can help analyze conditions and needs to develop recommendations for special applica- tions. The services of the Tremco Research center, which has earned a unique reputation in weatherproof- ing technology, complement and extend the services of the Tremco Technical Service staff.

Statement of Policy and Responsibility: Tremco takes responsibility for the furnishing of quality roofing mate- rials, and providing specifications and recommendations for their proper installation.

As neither Tremco itself nor its Representatives practice architecture or engineering, Tremco offers no opinion on, and expressly disclaims any responsibility for sound- ness of any structure on which its products may be applied. If questions arise as to the soundness of a struc- ture or its ability to support a planned installation prop- erly, the Owner should obtain the opinion of competent structural engineers before proceeding. Tremco accepts no liability for any structural failure or for resultant dam- ages, and no Tremco Representative is authorized to vary this disclaimer.

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