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Chipola College ADN Nursing Program

Medication Administration Policy

Prior to any medication administration, student is to obtain report from nurse regarding patient status, planned procedures, and special considerations for the day.

1.  Student’s preparation phase: Med check # 1

a.  Obtain MAR

b.  Check MAR with original order

c.  Check medication drawer for each medication listed on MAR; check expiration date.

d.  Request needed medications from pharmacy

e.  Look up meds listed on MAR

f.   Put oral medications due for administration into plastic med cup (leave in wrapper) as review MAR:  Med check #1

g.  Gather equipment for parenteral meds.

2.  Faculty/Preceptor and Student preparation phase: Med check # 2

a.  Student to place meds on MAR: top to bottom sequence

b.  Student to go through each medication for 5 rights

c.  Student to discuss medication with faculty/preceptor:

1.  Assessments needed and completed with findings reported to staff                      nurse/preceptor.

2.  Normal dosage and range

3. Category of med

4. Cellular action

5.  Purpose for this patient

6.  Major untoward side effects  

7.  Patient education needs

8.  Special nursing implications – discuss with faculty/preceptor.

d.  Record findings R/T specific medication directly on MAR.  (BP, HR, INR, PT/PTT, labs)

e. Student to prepare injectable or IV meds with faculty/preceptor observation.

f.  Student to prepare NG or Peg meds with faculty/preceptor observation.

g.  Heparin/insulin dosages are to be verified by two persons.

3.  Student administration of medication phase: Med check # 3

    All students are to confirm patient identification with two methods per JACHO requirements (patient bracelet and birth date).

a.  Faculty/ preceptor to accompany student for all  NG, PEG, parenteral medications (including IVs).  Student may administer po meds independently after approval by faculty/preceptor.  Faculty/preceptor must do Med check # 2 with student.

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