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Today, secure remote access to your computers is no longer a luxury –– it has become a necessity. Being able to tap into your home or office computer from hotels, Internet cafés and airport kiosks can greatly increase your efficiency, productivity and job satisfaction.

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GoToMyPC® is a hosted service that enables secure browser-based access to any Internet-connected Mac® or PC. Features include a screen-sharing Viewer, Drag-and-Drop File Transfer, Remote Printing, Guest Invite, use with multiple monitors, compatibility with many mobile devices and chat.

You can easily install and use GoToMyPC. Unlike other solutions, GoToMyPC does not require permanent client software or a network change. A resizable Viewer, launched from any browser with an Internet connection of 56 Kbps or better, enables interactive access to any desktop application (even those that are not Web based). The File Transfer feature sends and receives files, folders and directories, including those located on LAN-connected fileshares. Remote Printing allows printing to a client printer from the host computer Viewer. Third parties can even be granted temporary access to a GoToMyPC- enabled desktop with Guest Invite.

GoToMyPC’s client Viewer and host are designed from the ground up for efficient, secure communication over any network. Keyboard, mouse and display updates are transmitted over a highly compressed, encrypted stream, generating an experience that’s like being there. By providing fast, reliable, easy-to-use remote access to the user’s native desktop, GoToMyPC can increase your productivity.

Under the covers, GoToMyPC is a hosted service, made up of four compo- nents (see Figure 1). A small footprint server is installed on the computer to be accessed – typically, a home or office computer with always-on Internet access.

Many other solutions require servers to receive incoming packets at a public IP address. The GoToMyPC host Mac or PC establishes a persistent TCP connection to the GoToMyPC broker (poll.gotomypc.com) that allows it to be notified if any connect requests have been received. The host will attempt to keep the connection open by sending TCP “keep alive” packets approxi- mately every 60 seconds. This makes GoToMyPC completely compatible with application proxy firewalls, dynamic IP addresses and network/port address translation (NAT/PAT).

On the client side, the remote or mobile worker launches a browser, visits the secure GoToMyPC Web site, enters a user name/password and clicks on a “connect” button for the desired computer, sending an SSL-authenticated, encrypted request to the broker. During an active connection, the GoToMyPC Web site displays a session-in-use notification. Users can also review their own connection histories to confirm the absence of suspicious activity such as failed log-in attempts.

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