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Kennedy Ch. 33 Homework Packet

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Roosevelt’s political coalition rested heavily on lower-income groups, including African Americans, Jews, Catholics and southerners.

After Roosevelt’s Court-packing plan failed, the conservative Supreme Court continued to strike down New Deal legislation just as it had before.

After 1938 the New Deal lost momentum and ran into increasing opposition from an enlarged Republican bloc in Congress.

The New Deal more than doubled the U.S. national debt through “deficit spending.”

By 1939 the New Deal had largely solved the major depression problem of unemployment.

B. Multiple Choice Select the best answer and write the proper letter in the space provided.


1. Franklin Roosevelt’s presidential campaign in 1932 a. called for large-scale federal spending to reduce unemployment and restore prosperity. b. focused primarily on issues of international trade. c. promised to aid the common man by balancing the federal budget and ending deficits. d. emphasized that there was no way out of the depression in the near future.


2. Eleanor Roosevelt became an influential figure in the 1930s especially by advocating the cause of a. the impoverished and dispossessed. b. feminists and proponents of sexual liberation. c. farmers and ranchers. d. immigrant ethnic groups and Roman Catholics.


3. The Roosevelt landslide of 1932 included the shift into the Democratic camp of traditionally

d. southerners


4. Roosevelt’s first bold action of the Hundred Days was a. taking the nation off the gold standard. b. declaring a national bank holiday. c. legalizing labor strikes and job actions. d. doubling relief for the unemployed.


5. The primary purpose of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was a. to restore unproductive farmland to productive use. b. to protect wildlife and the environment. c. to provide better-trained workers for industry. d. to provide jobs and experience for unemployed young people.

c. labor unions

Republican a. New Englanders.

b. African Americans

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