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Kennedy Ch. 33 Homework Packet

10. John L. Lewis


11. Frances Perkins


12. Alfred M. Landon




  • 13.

    Ruth Benedict

  • 14.

    John Maynard Keynes

  • 15.

    Justice Roberts


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  • J.

    Former New York social worker who became an influential FDR adviser and head of several New Deal agencies

  • K.

    Former bull moose progressive who spent billions of dollars on public building projects while carefully guarding against waste

  • L.

    Roosevelt-declared closing of all U.S. financial institutions on March 6-10, 1933, in order to stop panic and prepare reforms

  • M.

    British economist whose theories helped justify New Deal deficit spending

  • N.

    Supreme Court ruling of 1935 that struck down a major New Deal industry-and-labor agency

  • O.

    Domineering boss of the mine workers’ union who launched the CIO


Matching Cause and Effect Match the historical cause in the left column with the proper effect in the right column by writing the correct letter on the blank line.


1. The “lame-duck” period from November


1932 to March 1933 2. Roosevelt’s leadership during the


Hundred Days 3. The Civilian Conservation Corps, the


Works Progress Administration, and the Civil Works Administration 4. New Deal farm programs like the AAA



5. The Tennessee Valley Authority


6. The Wagner (National Labor Relations) Act





  • 7.

    FDR’s political appeals to workers, African Americans, southerners, and “New Immigrants”

  • 8.

    The Supreme Court’s conservative rulings against New Deal legislation

  • 9.

    Roosevelt’s attempt to “pack” the Supreme Court

  • 10.

    The rapid cutback in federal, “pump- priming” spending in 1937


  • A.

    Succeeded in raising farm prices but met strong opposition from many conservatives

  • B.

    Encouraged the CIO to organize large numbers of unskilled workers

  • C.

    May have pushed the Court toward more liberal rulings but badly hurt FDR politically

  • D.

    Caused the “Roosevelt Depression,” which brought unemployment back up to catastrophic levels

  • E.

    Caused a political paralysis that nearly halted the U.S. economy

  • F.

    Provided federal economic planning, conserva- tion, cheap electricity, and jobs to a whole poverty-stricken region

  • G.

    Provided federal jobs for unemployed workers in conservation, construction, the arts, and other areas

  • H.

    Caused Roosevelt to propose as plan to “pack” the Supreme Court

  • I.

    Pushed a remarkable number of laws through Congress and restored the nation'’ confidence

  • J.

    Forged a powerful political coalition that made the Democrats the majority party

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