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behavior (including its changes during the life cycle) and the water layer occupied by the species, on the other. Further studies should include detailed analysis of the effects of UV and visible light on the behavior of copepods with different feeding strategies after their acclimation to specific food availability. Thus, light plays an important role in the behavior of copepods; however, it may also depend on their ecological characteristics, feeding strategy and condition.

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We are grateful to Prof. Alexander P. Savitsky and July A. Labas (INBI RAS) for useful advice; Dr Sergey Budaev (University of Sussex) and Dr Elizabeth Sweet (AWI) for their help in English text editing.

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The present investigation was supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR grants 05-04-49316-a; 07-04-10165-k and 08-04-01691-a).

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