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Access Required: The housing must be accessible and capable of being utilized without unauthorized use of other private properties.  Structures must provide alternative means of egress in case of fire.

Space and Security Required— Each resident must be afforded adequate space and security for themselves and their belongings.  Each resident must be provided with an acceptable place to sleep.  In facilities within single family dwellings, there shall be no more than three persons per sleeping area.  The sleeping area must comfortably accommodate at least a twin bed and dresser for each resident.  The sleeping area must have a window that may be opened.  

Due to the dynamics of relationships for persons with substance use disorders, facilities must provide areas that are separated by gender.  

Internal Air Quality Required—every room or living space must be provided with natural or mechanical ventilation.  Structure must be free of pollution in the air at levels that threaten the health of residents.

Water supply Required— The water supply must be free from contamination.

Sanitary Facilities Required— Residents must have access to sufficient sanitary facilities that are in proper operating condition, may be used in privacy and are adequate for personal cleanliness and the disposal of human waste.  Each unit shall include at least one bathroom for every 4 residents.  The bathroom must be available for the exclusive use of the occupants of the unit.  The bathroom must be a separate room with:

a flushing toilet in operating condition;

a fixed basin with a sink trap;

hot and cold water in operating condition;

connection to an approved disposal system;


a window that opens (if a window is present) or an exhaust vent system (if no window present)

Thermal Environment Required— The housing must have adequate heating or cooling facilities or both in proper operation condition.

Illumination and Electricity Required— The housing must have adequate:

natural or artificial illumination to permit normal or indoor activities and to support the health and safety of residents.  

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