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Sufficient electrical sources must be provided to permit the use of essential electrical appliances while assuring safety from fire.


living room/sleeping area: requires (2) outlets OR one (1) outlet and one (1) permanently installed lighting fixture.


kitchen: requires one (1) outlet and one (1) permanently installed lighting fixture.


bathroom: requires one (1) outlet and one (1) permanently installed lighting fixture.

Food Preparation and Refuse Disposal Required—Each facility must either provide meals OR provide a meal preparation facility for residents.  All food preparation areas must contain suitable space and equipment to store, prepare, and serve food in a sanitary manner.  

The common kitchen area must include:


access to refrigeration for perishable food;


access to a stove and oven to prepare meals;


access to facilities to clean dishes and work space;


food storage space if residents are to provide their own food or participate in the food stamp program;


dishwasher to client utensils and dishes to ensure the health and safety of residents;


food is selected, stored, prepared and served in a safe and healthy manner;

(vii) food and waste is stored, handled and removed to not spread disease, cause odors, or provide a breeding place for pests and vermin.

Programs that provide meals shall meet the following standards:


Meals and Snacks: In general wholesome and nutritionally balanced food must be provided.  Three (3) meals must be served daily at regular times.  Snacks of nourishing quality must be available to clients at all times.


Menus shall be planned in advance:

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