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  hallway adjacent to a bedroom.  If hearing-impaired persons occupy the unit,

  smoke detector must have an alarm system designed for hearing-impaired

  persons in each bedroom occupied by a hearing-impaired person.

(a)  The public areas of all housing must be equipped with a sufficient number,   

      but not less than one for each area, of battery operated or hardwired smoke

      detectors.  Public areas include, but are not limited to laundry rooms,

      community rooms, hallways, stairwells and other common areas.


Ongoing Assessment of Supportive Services—The housing provider must conduct an ongoing assessment of the supportive services required by the client and the availability of such services, and make adjustments as appropriate.  The supportive services must assist the client’s sobriety and recovery and movement into permanent housing.  At a minimum these services must include services that collaborate with other services and treatment providers in the community to enhance the client’s movement toward self-sufficiency.

1)  the employment of a full or part time on-site house manager with sufficient knowledge of substance use disorders for persons who require additional structure or are relapse prone.  

                  2)  the employment of a housing coordinator who supports housing  

                       that is run by the residents on a day to day basis by

                       attending weekly house meetings, collecting fees, selecting tenants,

                       conducting random UA’s and conducting monthly house

                       inspections and is on call to respond to emergency situations.


Termination of Housing—The housing provider may discharge a client who violates program requirements in accordance with the following:

 1)  housing providers shall only terminate tenancy in the most severe    


  2) client is informed verbally and in writing, of reasons for discharge

  3)  a process is in place that recognizes the rights of the client to due   

       process and allows the client to request a formal review of the       


        4)  the reasons for discharge and any actions following are clearly   

                               documented in the client’s file


Physical Inspection—The housing provider will conduct a physical inspection at a minimum of three (3) times a week.  The physical inspection will include a review of client rooms or units, all common areas, grounds, building interiors and exteriors, and all adjoining facilities.  The facility will be inspected to determine if hazards or potential safety issues exist.

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