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13 / 21

S Washington St

6th Ave S

S Main St

Maynard Ave S.

Metaphor & Art

The vertical walls on the staircase and adjacent plazas will be covered in sheets of colored glass. These in turn are subtly illuminated at night serving as a way finding beacon for the neighborhood and a public art piece. Etched into the glass are pop-cultural images of classic Japanese monsters such as Godzilla. The monsters are reflective of the city’s contemporary rela- tionship with Asia and the Pacific Rim. The views from Danny Woo garden and the adjacent Kobe Terrace Park face westward to the Port of Seattle and the Pa- cific Ocean beyond. Seattle is a city inextricably and increasingly tied to the Pacific Rim. Thus the monsters are reflective of the interchange of goods, ideas and capital that, for good or ill flow between Seattle and the burgeoning economies of Asia.

The comic strip here gives a sense of how one might feel walking through the proposed space.

He watches her walk down the hill until she fades into the dusk.

7th Ave S

Site Plan

On blustery day in early autumn urban walks help clear the mind. Older neighborhoods are best. Stories in the landscape. Layers.

A crack in the sidewalk continues up the wall.

Kids’ voices echo through the alleys and the sun is setting over the water now.

The warm colors of the glass glow as

the sun begins to set.

At the top of the stairs, a girl watches the city. He falls in love. As not to disturb he , he continues up.


Monster Stair: Danny Woo Garden

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