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  • A.

    The tournament shall be conducted as a ten team double elimination tournament.

  • B.

    NCAA baseball rules shall be used in all tournament games, including district play, with the following exceptions:

    • 1.

      The maximum allowable number of individuals an institution can have on the field, including the practice field, bullpen, bench and dugout is 33. Each team is limited to one head coach, four assistant coaches, recognized by their respective institution, 26 eligible student athletes in uniform, one manager and one trainer. The official roster will be signed and turned in at the tournament coaches meeting (held at the ballpark at 5:00 pm). No deletions or additions will be allowed after the roster is turned in.

    • 2.

      All games are scheduled for nine innings.

    • 3.

      The ten-run rule shall be in effect after five complete innings.

    • 4.

      The eight-run rule shall be in effect after seven complete innings.

    • 5.

      The Championship Game (or games) shall be played the full nine innings regardless of the score.

    • 6.

      Any game delayed because of rain, power failure, etc., shall be resumed at the point of suspension and played a full nine innings unless terminated under rule 3 or 4 above.

    • 7.

      The following rules also apply to District and National tournament play:

      • (a)

        Procedure During Change of Sides

        • i.

          The conclusion of the final out in any inning, the plate umpire immediately shall commence timing the change of sides. He shall allow 90 seconds for change of sides and at the conclusion of 90 seconds shall raise one hand clearly above his head indicating that.

(1.) The pitcher has completed his warm-up pitches. (2.) The fielders must return practice balls to their benches (3.) The batter must take his positioning the batter’s box. RULING – pitching – (9-2-c)- the pitcher shall not be allowed to delay the game when the bases are unoccupied; the pitcher shall deliver the ball to the batter within 20 seconds after receiving the ball. A ball shall be called by the umpire each time the pitcher violates this rule. RULING – batting – A batter shall be declared out when he fails to take his position within 30 seconds after the umpire has called for the batsman. (b) Procedures After Putouts (1.)After a putout in the outfield and no runners on base, the ball shall be thrown to a cutoff man and, if desired, to one additional infielder before being returned to the pitcher for delivery to the next batter. (2.)After a putout in the infield and no runners on base, the ball must be returned directly to the pitcher. (3.)Following the final out in any inning, the ball must be given to the nearest umpire. The plate umpire will give the ball to the catcher, the base umpire will place the ball on the pitcher’s rubber.

  • 8.

    Optional substitution provisions will not apply to tournament play

  • 9.

    The Home Team will be determined by the flip of a coin prior to each game.

  • 10.

    Tournament Umpires are instructed to keep games moving and will strictly enforce charge conference/pitcher removal rules.

  • 11.

    Rules require that double ear flap helmets be worn at bat and on the bases.

  • 12.

    PROTESTS: No protests will be tolerated on judgment calls. Rule interpretation protest will be decided immediately by the Tournament Director, the NJCAA Representative (if available) and the supervisor of officials. The game shall then proceed immediately.

  • 13.

    Official Lineup Cards, in duplicate, are to be submitted to the Umpire-In-Chief before each game.

  • 14.

    In the event of unavoidable delays due to weather or other unforeseen causes, the tournament co-chairman and NJCAA representative reserves the right to re- schedule game times, schedule seven inning games, schedule a team(s) for two games in one day or other arrangements as necessary.

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