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Will It Work? Is It Going Well?

Signs that Breastfeeding is going well:

· You feel a tug, but it does not hurt when the baby feeds · Your baby swallows hard after a few strong sucks · Your baby is content at the end of the feeding

· By 5 days old, baby has at least 6-8 wet diapers and 3-5 yellow bowel movements in a 24-hour period

· Your baby is gaining weight well at each check-up

· Your uterus may tighten during or after feedings for the first few days after delivery

· You may feel sleepy or relaxed when your baby nurses · You may notice that your breast softens as your baby nurses · Your baby will also relax during the feeding as he or she begins to feel full

Remember that your baby is still growing at a rapid pace and may require frequent feedings. These are often referred to as “growth spurts.” It is important to know that these are normal and are a sign that your baby is growing and requiring more food. Frequent breastfeeding or feeding “on demand” is important during these times. First, it ensures an adequate intake by the infant and, second, it increases mother’s milk supply. The more the baby nurses the more milk the mother will produce. The growth spurts are short lived and will usually last 24-48 hours. They occur most often at 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months.

The What If’s

Cracked Or Sore Nipples Sore or cracked nipples are usually a sign of a bad latch or poor positioning.

The key to success is correcting the latch and proper positioning. You can use Modified Lanolin or 100% anhydrous lanolin applied to the nipple and areola after each feeding. You can also express colostrum or breast milk on the nipples and allow air drying. Warm tea bags placed over each nipple will provide relief; once they are cool you may repeat as needed. Begin breastfeeding on the least sore side first.


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