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If you suspect Mastitis, call your provider right away. This is not the time to wean your baby. Breastfeeding will help the Mastitis resolve more quickly. Take your medications as prescribed and remember to get plenty of rest.

Bottles and Pacifiers

Your baby should learn one thing at a time, and in the first few weeks feeding is the most important. Once your baby has perfected feeding and you have maintained a good milk supply, a bottle or pacifier may not be a problem, but there are no guarantees. All babies are different and some develop a nipple preference. No bottle or pacifier is “like” mom. Therefore, it is best to avoid all artificial bottles or nipples for as long as possible to foster a positive breastfeeding experience and avoid early weaning.

Returning to Work or School While Breastfeeding

You can continue to breastfeed after returning to work or school. Most moms find it easier and they get more rest when continuing to breastfeed. If you have a difficult time getting the baby to take a bottle nipple, try these helpful tips:

· Have someone other than yourself introduce the bottle to the baby.

· Warm the bottle nipple under running tap water so that it is close to the mother’s body temperature.

· Do not feed your baby a bottle where you routinely nurse your baby.

If possible, have a comfortable place at work to pump. Pictures of the baby and clothes that smell like the baby help with letdown and make pumping easier when you are away from your baby.

If you cannot express milk while you are away from your baby, you can still breastfeed when you and the baby are together and provide formula when the baby is with the care provider.

If your baby is cared for close by, you can nurse at lunchtime, too.

Helpful hints when pumping:

· Wash your hands before handling the pump, bottles or milk

· Center your nipples in the pump flanges so that they do not rub against the flange, which can result in sore nipples.

· Use gentle suction to start pumping and gradually increase the suction to your comfort.

· Total pumping time should be 20 minutes double pumping and 15


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