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Q: Will I be able to receive the new, Free To Air Channels that are available in my local Area with this TV? A: YES, the New Sphere Platinum Range of LCD TV models, include an integrated HD digital TV Tuner.

Q: I have been told that Analog Television Transmission will still be active in some areas until 2013, If I am in a Analog service area, can I still receive these channels? A: YES, the New Sphere Platinum Range of LCD TV models, are equipped with both Tuners, so it will scan both Analog & Digital services in your current area.

Q: I had recently (2 years ago) purchased a Large Flat Screen television at home that did not have an inbuilt Digital Tuner, and had to upgrade with the addition of an external set top box to be able to receive the Current Digital Broadcast. Is this New Sphere Platinum Range safeguarded to any future updates or Broadcast Changes? A: YES, the New Sphere Platinum Range of LCD TV models, can decode the Current MPEG2-HD and future H.264/MPEG4-HD AVC formats. So once more channels are released, you will have access to these as well.

Q: How is this TV powered (12V/240V)? A: The Sphere Range of LCD TV’s have been designed for RV use, so it includes the 12VDC power cable, that connects to your 12V socket in your RV, great for Free camping with family and friends. Should you be at a RV Park (or even at home) and wish to run the LCD TV from 240VAC Mains Power, simply use the 240V power adaptor that is supplied, and the unit will operate correctly.

Q: What is the voltage range that is suitable for this TV to operate on? A: As these Sphere LCD TV units have been designed for the RV industry, it has a wide voltage range of 10.8VDC17VDC, this protects your LCD TV from voltage Fluctuations, like when connected to battery chargers, or even if using a generator or solar chargers.

Q: Can this product be used as a Computer Monitor while travelling or at home? A: YES, the Sphere Range of LCD TV’s have a monitor & Audio input, so a laptop or desktop computer can be connected with ease.

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