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Q: Can I connect a Gaming Machine or a HD device to this LCD TV? A: Yes, The Sphere Platinum Range of LCD TV’s has several Inputs/Outputs, like HDMI, Component, Composite and S-Video.

Q: Can I connect My Headphones to this LCD TV? A: Yes the LCD TV, has a dedicated Headphone output socket (3.5mm Stereo)

Q: I would like to record Digital TV while I am holidays so I don't miss my favorite shows, do I need a DVD/HDD Recorder unit? A: The LCD TV, has a Composite AV output, that can be connected to your DVD/HDD Recorder unit, though you can take advantage of its built in Recording system, simply plug in a USB Flash drive or portable hard drive, and you can record directly to this device.

Q: What size USB HDD should I use, if I want to use the record option on the TV? A: The LCD TV is able to work with sizes from 1GB-1TB drives. Keeping in mind, that the USB port has a limited power output, so drives of approx 320GB-500GB that are USB Powered” are most suited. The bigger the drive the more power it requires, so extra power supply cables may be required for the larger drives (of up to 1TB) to operate correctly.

Q: How Many shows/recordings can a USB HDD store? A: The larger the drive the More storage you will have available. For an example a 320GB USB HDD, can hold up to 140Hrs of Standard Definition Digital TV, or up to 40Hrs of High Definition Digital TV.

Q: Can I connect this LCD TV to my internal RV Speakers? A: Yes, This can be done in many ways. 1. Via the Coaxial Digital output (should you have a amplifier with this input on board) 2. Via the Composite AV output from the TV (Connects to your AM/FM Receiver, should this have a AUX Input Note, this is a Fixed level Audio output) 3. Via The Headphone output socket from the TV (Connects to your AM/FM Receiver, should this have an AUX Input, Note this operation will mute the LCD TV Speakers)

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