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The Indian Innovation Awards, 2005 Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services (IL&FS) - page 2 / 4





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The Indian Innovation Awards, 2005 Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services (IL&FS)


Manifestation of Impacts over Project Horizon: The overall impact of the project is efficient use of water as a valuable resource for industrial, domestic and agricultural usage. The Project envisages rehabilitation of the existing canal that currently has more than 60% losses. This will result in significant saving of water that can be used to support industrial growth. The augmented canal capacity can be used

to convey additional water for irrigation use. domestic water requirement is further augmented River Godavari, whose water otherwise is flowing Bengal

The industrial and by abstraction from down to the Bay of


Needs and Objectives of the Innovation:


Visakhapatnam City is strategically located on the East Coast of India

and is the hub

of the major

India’s largest

Sea Port and

industrial activities due to presence of establishment of major public sector

industries Hindustan

like Visakhapatnam Organics, Bharat Heavy

Steel Plates

Plant, Hindustan and Vessels,etc.



The GoAP has developed a master plan for industry-led economic growth in the Visakhapatnam region. On a broader canvas, the Visakhapatnam area is being developed to become a major investment location on the East Coast of India. Some of the recent initiatives for this vision include the development of SEZ, a Greenfield Port at Gangavaram, a Pharma City at Parwada, a Special Logistics Corridor,



As a consequence of above developments, the industrial growth potential in the Visakhapatnam area is expected to be high. However, a major constraint for this development was the absence of a reliable

source of water supply. shortcoming through the

The VIWSP provision of

industries and arrangement for

domestic consumers meeting the irrigation

is conceived to overcome reliable water supplies for

and incidentally demands


this the an

  • II.

    Impact Assessment

    • (1)

      The Visakhapatnam Industrial Water Supply Project is a unique project involving number of stakeholders, including consumers who also turned out to be the major lenders and stakeholders of the project


Achievements within the Organisation: Motivation and dedicated team efforts coupled with wide range of skill sets including technical, managerial, financial and legal experts within the organization ensured successful closure and implementation of this project. Some of the major achievements are listed below


Category – Physical Infrastructure Development Visakhapatnam Industrial Water Supply Project


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