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12. Insert the long pushrods into the rudder and elevator outer pushrod tubes and through the screw lock connectors on the servos. Hook a control horn to the Z-bend of the elevator pushrod (use the outer hole in the control horn) and, using the pushrod as a guide to position the control horn, install the horn onto the underside of the left elevator with 2x16mm machine screws. Install a control horn onto the rudder in the same manner using the second outer hole in the control horn.

13. Center the elevators and rudder. Tighten the screws in the screw lock connectors against the pushrods. The excess length of pushrod can be cut off 1/4" [6mm] beyond the connectors.


Install the Nose Gear, Motor and ESC

1. Insert the nose gear wire through the nose wheel pant followed by an aluminum spacer, nose wheel, and the other aluminum spacer. Confirm that the wheel rotates freely. If not, remove the wheel and lightly sand each side of the wheel hub where it contacts the spacers. Oil the axle and reinstall the wheel.

2. Thread a 2.5x8mm self-tapping washer head screw into each hole in the nose wheel pant and back it out. Apply a drop of thin CA to each hole and allow it to harden completely. Secure the nose gear to the wheel pant with a nylon strap and two 2.5x8mm self-tapping washer head screws.

3. Fit one half of the nose gear fairing to the nose gear and carefully apply a thin bead of medium or thick CA glue

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