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around its edge. Align the other half of the fairing over the first and glue the edges of the parts together flush.

4. Glue the nose gear fairing to the wheel pant.

5. Insert the 3.5mm wheel collar into the nylon steering arm and loosely thread a 3x8mm machine screw into the collar.

6. Fit the steering arm into the steering arm block so the arm is on the right side of the fuselage. Insert the nose gear


wire through the hole on the underside of the fuselage and up through the steering arm and block. Align the screw in the steering arm with the flat spot on the wire and thoroughly tighten the screw using threadlocking compound.

7. Insert the outer pushrod tube through the hole in the plywood pushrod support. Insert the remaining pushrod through the outer pushrod tube. Connect the Z-bend on the pushrod to the outer hole in the steering arm. Insert the other end through the screw lock connector on the rudder servo arm (clip off some of the pushrod wire if necessary when flexing the wire to fit into the connector). With the nose wheel pointed straight and the rudder servo centered, tighten the screw in the connector against the pushrod. Center the outer pushrod tube fore and aft on the wire and fit the plywood support into the notch on the battery tray.Thoroughly glue the outer pushrod tube to the support and the support to the tray.

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