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8. Remove the brass collar (if applicable) from your brushless motor. Insert the motor against the inside face of the firewall with the shaft protruding through the center hole. Install the motor using four 3x8mm machine screws, four 3mm flat washers and threadlocking compound.

9. Apply a thin coat of epoxy to the inside of the fuselage in the area where the ESC will be installed (with epoxy brush in hand, also coat the center of the battery tray where the battery and receiver will be installed). This will improve


the adhesion of the double-sided tape. When the epoxy has completely cured, connect the ESC to the motor and affix the ESC to the fuselage with a piece of the included double-sided tape. Now would be a good time to use your radio system to confirm the correct rotation of the motor. If the motor is rotating in the wrong direction (it should rotate counter-clockwise when viewed from the front), simply swap two of the three motor wire leads. Be sure to neatly bundle the excess motor lead wire out of the way of the steering arm.

Finish the Model

1. Cut a piece of the included self-adhesive hook and loop material and use it to secure your receiver to the battery tray just in front of the tail servos. Connect your servos to the receiver. Neatly bundle the excess servo lead wires out of the way of the tail servos.

2. In order to orient the receiver antennas as described in the radio manual, we used scrap pieces of fuel tubing glued to the inside of the fuselage (tape can also be used). If you have an FM or PCM radio, route the receiver antenna out the cutout on the bottom of the fuselage and tape it in place.

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