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WBRQ1130. To improve the appearance of the pilot when installed in the Cirrus, we glued a 1/2" [13mm] thick piece of scrap balsa to the bottom of the pilot and rough cut the block to closely match the shape of the pilot. We then carefully sanded the block to blend in with the pilot figure and used a hobby knife and small wood file to continue the contours of the shoulders and shirt seams onto the balsa block. Some wood filler will fill the grain of the balsa and will allow the paint to be applied smoothly. When satisfied, paint your pilot. A 1/4" [6mm] thick scrap balsa will be required to raise the height of the pilot above the arm rests when you glue him to the pilot seat.

9.Glue the cockpit interior into the canopy hatch. You will need to flex the forward end of the cockpit interior in order to fit it into place. We recommend using hot glue or silicone to glue the interior in place so if you wish to remove the interior for access to the pilot, the glue joint can be easily broken. Thick CA or epoxy would work as well. Use CA sparingly without activator as there is a chance that CA fumes may fog the windows.


10. You have now finished the assembly of the Cirrus SR22 ARF!


1. Be certain the model is clean and free from oily fingerprints and dust. Prepare a dishpan or small bucket with a mixture of liquid dish soap and warm water—about one teaspoon of soap per gallon of water. Submerse the decal in the soap and water and peel off the paper backing. Note: Even though the decals have a “sticky-back” and are not the water transfer type, submersing them in soap & water allows accurate positioning and reduces air bubbles underneath.

2. Position decal on the model where desired. Holding the decal down, use a paper towel to wipe most of the water away.

3. Use a piece of soft balsa or something similar to squeegee remaining water from under the decal. Apply the rest of the decals the same way.

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