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Failure to follow these safety precautions may result in severe injury to yourself and others.

Get help from an experienced pilot when learning to operate motors.

Use safety glasses when running motors.

Do not run the motor in an area of loose gravel or sand; the propeller may throw such material in your face or eyes.

Keep your face and body as well as all spectators away from the plane of rotation of the propeller as you run the motor.

Keep these items away from the prop: loose clothing, shirt sleeves, ties, scarves, long hair or loose objects such as pencils or screwdrivers that may fall out of shirt or jacket pockets into the prop.

The motor gets hot! Do not touch it during or right after operation.


WARNING!! Read the entire instruction sheet included with your battery. Failure to follow all instructions could cause permanent damage to the battery and its surroundings, and cause bodily harm!

ONLY use a LiPo approved charger. NEVER use a NiCd/NiMH peak charger!

NEVER charge in excess of 4.20V per cell.

ONLY charge through the “charge” lead. NEVER charge through the “discharge” lead.

NEVER charge at currents greater than 1C. ALWAYS set charger’s output volts to match battery volts. ALWAYS charge in a fireproof location. NEVER trickle charge.

NEVER allow the battery temperature to exceed 150° F (65° C).

NEVER disassemble or modify pack wiring in any way or puncture cells.

NEVER discharge below 3.0V per cell.

NEVER place on combustible materials or leave unattended during charge or discharge.




Read and abide by the following excerpts from the Academy of Model Aeronautics Safety Code. For the complete Safety Code refer to Model Aviation magazine, the AMA web site or the Code that came with your AMA license.


  • 1)

    I will not fly my model aircraft in sanctioned events, air shows, or model flying demonstrations until it has been proven to be airworthy by having been previously, successfully flight tested.

  • 2)

    I will not fly my model aircraft higher than approximately 400 feet within 3 miles of an airport without notifying the airport operator. I will give right-of-way and avoid flying in the proximity of full-scale aircraft. Where necessary, an observer shall be utilized to supervise flying to avoid having models fly in the proximity of full-scale aircraft.

  • 3)

    Where established, I will abide by the safety rules for the flying site I use, and I will not willfully and deliberately fly my models in a careless, reckless and/or dangerous manner.

  • 5)

    I will not fly my model unless it is identified with my name and address or AMA number, on or in the model. Note: This does not apply to models while being flown indoors.

  • 7)

    I will not operate models with pyrotechnics (any device that explodes, burns, or propels a projectile of any kind).

Radio Control

  • 1)

    I will have completed a successful radio equipment ground check before the first flight of a new or repaired model.

  • 2)

    I will not fly my model aircraft in the presence of spectators until I become a qualified flier, unless assisted by an experienced helper.

  • 3)

    At all flying sites a straight or curved line(s) must be established in front of which all flying takes place with the other side for spectators. Only personnel involved with flying the aircraft are allowed at or in the front of the flight line. Intentional flying behind the flight line is prohibited.

  • 4)

    I will operate my model using only radio control frequencies currently allowed by the Federal Communications Commission.

  • 5)

    I will not knowingly operate my model within three miles of any pre-existing flying site except in accordance with the frequency sharing agreement listed [in the complete AMA Safety Code].

  • 9)

    Under no circumstances may a pilot or other person touch a powered model in flight; nor should any part of the model other than the landing gear, intentionally touch the ground, except while landing.

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