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Adhesives and Building Supplies

This is the list of Adhesives and Building Supplies that are required to finish the Cirrus SR22 ARF:

1/2 oz. [15g] Thin ProCA (GPMR6001) 1/2 oz. [15g] Thick Pro CA- (GPMR6013) Threadlocker thread locking cement (GPMR6060) Drill bits: 1/16" [1.6mm], 5/64" [2mm] Small metal file or rotary tool Revell® #1 Light Duty Aluminum Handle Knife w/Blade


Revell #11 Light Duty Blades (5) (RMXR6930) Medium T-pins (100, HCAR5150) Top Flite® MonoKote® sealing iron (TOPR2100) Top Flite Hot Sockiron cover (TOPR2175) 220 grit sandpaper Panel Line Pen (TOPQ2510)

Optional Supplies and Tools

Here is a list of optional tools that will help you build the Cirrus SR22 ARF:

1/2 oz. [15g] Medium Pro CA+ (GPMR6007) 2 oz. [57g] spray CA activator (GPMR6035) 4 oz. [113g] aerosol CA activator (GPMR6034) CA applicator tips (HCAR3780) CA debonder (GPMR6039) Pro 6-minute epoxy (GPMR6045) Pro 30-minute epoxy (GPMR6047) Epoxy brushes 6, (GPMR8060) Mixing sticks (GPMR8055) Mixing cups (GPMR8056) Pliers with wire cutter (HCAR0630) Rotary tool reinforced cut-off wheel (GPMR8020) Hobby Heatmicro torch II (HCAR0755) Precision Magnetic Prop Balancer (TOPQ5700) AccuThrowDeflection Gauge (GPMR2405) CG Machine(GPMR2400) Hobbico Flexible 18" Ruler Stainless Steel (HCAR0460) Top Flite MonoKote heat gun (TOPR2000) Hobbico Pin Vise 1/16 Collet w/6 Bits (HCAR0696) Great Planes Heat Shrink Tubing 3/8x3" (3) (GPMM1060) Woodland Scenics Low Temp Foam Glue Gun


Denatured alcohol (for epoxy clean up)


Building Stand

A building stand or cradle comes in handy during the build. We use the Robart Super Stand II (ROBP1402) for all our projects in R&D, and it can be seen in pictures throughout this manual.


  • When you see the term test fit in the instructions, it means

that you should first position the part on the assembly without using any glue, then slightly modify or custom fit the part as necessary for the best fit.

  • Whenever the term “glue” is written, you should rely upon

your experience to decide what type of glue to use. When a specific type of adhesive works best for that step, the instructions will make a recommendation.

  • Photos and sketches are placed before the step they refer

to. Frequently you can study photos in following steps to get another view of the same parts.

  • The Cirrus SR22 is factory-covered with Top Flite Jet White

MonoKote film (TOPQ0204). Should repairs ever be required, MonoKote can be patched with additional MonoKote purchased separately. MonoKote is packaged in six-foot rolls, but some hobby shops also sell it by the foot. If only a small piece of MonoKote is needed for a minor patch, perhaps a fellow modeler would give you some. MonoKote is applied with a model airplane covering iron, but in an emergency a regular iron could be used. A roll of MonoKote includes full instructions for application.

  • The stabilizer and wing incidences and engine thrust angles

have been factory-built into this model. However, some technically-minded modelers may wish to check these measurements anyway. To view this information visit the web site at www.greatplanes.com and click on “Technical Data.” Due to manufacturing tolerances which will have little or no effect on the way your model will fly, please expect slight deviations between your model and the published values.

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